The Art of Darkness

A Link Dump for Algernon

April 5th, 2023 by Cobwebs

“Sea Life” Chess Set – This is pleasantly Lovecraftian.

Modern Mourning – Lovely mourning jewelry, including hairwork. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

I TESTED Corsets vs. Knives (For Science!) – Video demonstrating how well a corset would protect one from knife attack.

Steve Lichman – Entertaining webtoon about a lich hanging out in a dungeon with some of his pals.

The Somnia Tarot – Neat deck with surreal imagery based on dreams.

Carol Kane – Amusing Twitter thread with the premise, “Let’s take a minute to celebrate all the times Carol Kane has looked like a ghost who has returned to give you clues to avenge her.”

Bruce Springsteen or Stephen King? – “You take Mary out for a nice drive. Disaster ensues.”

Silk Coat and Gel Pens – Gorgeous coat illustrated with a skeleton.

Dawson’s Christian – Filksong about a ghostly starship.

Rune Rings – Lovely set of delicate rings shaped like Norse runes.

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