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The Chronulator

June 7th, 2012 by Cobwebs

ChronulatorShareBrained Technology offers this wonderful and ridiculous open-source clock…thingie. You can buy it fully assembled, as a kit, or as a raw circuit board. If you’re really brave and/or have too much time on your hands, they even sell the circuit board layout so you can print your own.

The Chronulator starts life as a clock, showing the hours and minutes on two old-school analog panel meters. Dress it up to look like old test equipment, audio VU meters, or motorcycle gauges. Mount it in a picture frame, shadow box, computer case, plush toy, pumpkin… Customize the code and hardware to make the meters indicate something other than time — network traffic/lag, outside temperature, freeway congestion, terror threat level, stress level, whatever! Let your imagination run free.

The image shown here is a sort of steampunky design, but users are encouraged to share their own models on the site’s forum.

They’ve also just launched a new design, the Monulator, which can be wired up to report anything you want: “chance of precipitation, time until your next meeting, Twitter mentions, CPU load, stock market change, or a million other things.” So you could stick one in a ouija board and use it to count down the days to Halloween.

Man, I can’t wait until Shadowboy is old enough to learn to solder. These would be a hoot to build with him.

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  1. xJane Says:

    How awesome would it be to have a set of Monulators behind your desk, ticking away at random things: Twitter mentions, minutes to birthday divided by 18, proximity of the earth to the sun, &c. All unlabeled, of course, but with occasional gentle alarms. Some of which you ignore, others of which make you start visibly and furiously type something into your computer, scribble on a paper, or stand up to wind something esoteric. File under: Ways to Fuck with Hapless Visitors to Your Office.

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