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Bat Shoes

June 25th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Bat Shoes

Tumblr makes me stabby.

Intrepid commenter pdq pointed me to these splendid bat-wing shoes on a Tumblr site that calls itself “Emmanilona” on sub-pages and “Emma Metso” on the main page. The same site has a lot of other interesting designs, such as this neon-green corset, which the notes say were “made for a customer.” Unfortunately, the site appears to have no contact information or other details about the artist, so good luck trying to become a customer yourself. (Googling either name is similarly unhelpful.)

The company these shoes were made for, Cloudberry Lady, is a Finnish “Lolita” brand; their Tumblr lists the artist’s name as “Emma Tsurumoto,” but I can’t find any other information about a designer with that name either. Also their post (made a few weeks ago) notes that the shoes are still available for purchase, but there’s no link and a browse through their online store turns up zilch.

Tumblr sucks at conveying useful information, is what I’m saying here.

Anyway, the idea is interesting and the designer (whoever she is) has an earlier post with photos of the shoe being mocked up with paper wings. It’d be interesting to try a DIY version, either as part of the shoe (perhaps hot-glued on to an inexpensive pair of pumps) or as something like spats with an elastic band that fit around the ankle. Pleather, vinyl, or even stiff-ish cloth (maybe with an extra layer of interfacing) are all reasonably easy to work with and should provide decent results. Matching wings on a hair bow or decorating the front of a clutch would be a nice additional touch.

(Thanks, pdq!)

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  1. Sisifo Says:

    Seriously, Tumblr. Get it together. But ooh, those look fun.

  2. Feather Says:


    The designer is called Emma Metso (Emma Tsurumoto is just an pseudonym) and she has a clothing store together with her sister:

    It’s only in Finnish, though. Their email is if you’d like to contact them about custom made clothing.

    The bat shoes are not yet on Cloudberry Lady’s online store, but you can contact the company directly and ask about them. They’re very friendly people.

  3. xJane Says:

    Wow, some great stuff on Rain of Petals, thanks Feather!

    None of the tumblr links worked for me :( But when you said “neon green corset”, I thought of this. (And this, by the same designer, which I love much more.)

  4. Katherine Says:

    These are spiders, not bats, but pretty awesome and I had not seen these before.,2946&T1=P8928+6

  5. pdq Says:

    Woops. I didn’t mean to make you all stabby ;)

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