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Chocolate Frogs Trading Cards

September 19th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Trading CardOne nice thing about maintaining a sprawling web presence for many years is that you’re always discovering stuff that you completely forgot about tucked away in odd corners. I just ran across some files from The Great Chocolate Frog Project of ‘Ought One and figured that somebody else might be able to get some use out of ’em.

One year when Shadaughter was young and very much a fan of Harry Potter, she requested a Hogwarts-themed Halloween party. Many of the party details are lost to the mists of time, but one thing we made was Chocolate Frog party favors.

We used a candy mold to make the frogs, and packaged them in clear plastic envelopes. (In the film the frogs come in intricate little hexagonal boxes; our party was held a month before the first movie was released, so we didn’t have any of the movie details for reference. If you’d like to make boxes instead, this papercraft pattern should work nicely.)

Included in each envelope was a trading card which featured a famous wizard, complete with biographical details. Some bios were reasonably historically accurate; a few I made for my own amusement. For instance:


Merlin tutored the young King Arthur and helped chart the course of British history. His use of the Soopergloo charm enabled only Arthur to pull a sword from a stone, thus winning him the throne. After Arthur was defeated by Mordred, Merlin went into show business. He is best known for his smash-hit musicals “No, No, Nimue” and “A Hard Day’s Knight.”

(I thought seriously about making the second musical title “Singin’ in Igraine,” but figured that some parent out there might have a degree in Medieval English literature and get offended.)

There’s a PDF of a few of the cards here, and I also have a .zip file which includes a Word document with all of the cards plus the freeware fonts used in their creation. Download, edit, and print as desired.

Bonus: Here are a couple of other random items I found in the same folder.

Halloween Countdown Clock – Javascript which counts down to Halloween and then automatically resets itself for next year. View the page source to grab the code and install it on your own page.

Random Haunt Name Generator – This is a Perl script I wrote ages ago to help members of my Halloween listserv come up with names for their haunts. “Grimgibber’s Parlor of Dread” and “Pageant of Maniacs” and “Doctor Cadaver’s Pit of Malice” and other silliness.

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  1. xJane Says:

    AGH! There’s only 41 sewing days left until Hallowe’en!!!!!!!!!

  2. WitchArachne Says:

    Singin’ in Igraine made me laugh so suddenly and loudly that everyone in the house came in to see if I was ok.
    Also holy crap, I need to get sewing!

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