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Anatomy of a Link Dump

November 29th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Tentacle Jewelry – Some gorgeously intricate polymer-clay tentacles.

Light in the Attic – An album made from Shel Silverstein poems. Free to download.

Mexlar Font – Good-looking fantasy font suitable for scrolls, tomes, and other prop artifacts.

Grimericks – Silly, spooky rhymes for kids.

DIY Tinted Glass – Easy method for antiquing clear glass jars and bottles.

Selfless Portraits – Peculiar little collaborative art project in which strangers around the world draw each other’s Facebook profile pictures.

Locket – This is sweet.

Figments – Paintings of anthropomorphic animals, including an extremely urbane vampire bat.

Murder and Mayhem in Miniature – Collectors Weekly article about “the lurid side” of Staffordshire figurines.

Fuyuko Matsui – Artist who specializes in the supernatural, beautiful and grotesque.

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