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Make a Snap-O-Lantern

October 29th, 2013 by Cobwebs

(I would apologize for posting this so close to Halloween that nobody could make one in time, but they sold out of their kits and don’t expect to have them back in stock until November 8 or so. Let’s count this as “prep for next year.”)

A few years ago Evil Mad Scientist Labs posted a wonderful tutorial for turning a miniature pumpkin into a “Snap-O-Lantern” with light-up eyes and snapping jaws. Here it is in action:

They’ve recently made this even easier by offering a Snap-O-Kit which includes all of the electronics and instructions.

Since the project involves carving the pumpkin in a very particular way (big pointy teeth in front, hinge in back) that might be a little fiddly, I’m thinking that this might be better accomplished with a re-usable styrofoam pumpkin. There are miniature ones available in craft stores (especially now; they’re probably on clearance) or online plus, since the reason EMSL discourages the use of larger pumpkins because of their weight, you might be able to use a larger styrofoam version.

The kit uses a timer to make the eyes light up and jaws snap at set intervals. If you’re feeling extra geeky you could hook it up to a proximity sensor instead and have it snap when it detects movement.

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  1. Sisifo Says:

    This is adorable. Holy nut. I don’t like carving pumpkins because I want them to last forever, but this one may change my mind…

  2. xJane Says:

    I kind of love the idea of making a chattering one of these, like those chattering teeth.

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