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Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 3

December 11th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Revising History – Interesting art project in which a photographer inserts herself in old photos.

Making Quick Fake Feathers – Instructions for making fabric feathers.

The Lindworm – An engaging, obscure fairy tale. Be sure to read to the end.

Addams Family Online – Site devoted to all things Addams.

Pumpkin Tap Kit – Turn a pumpkin into a drinks dispenser (but not a true keg, since it’s not pressurized). This would be a cute addition to a party. (Hat tip to Kitten Herder)

The Book of Black – A celebration of everything from the Black Hole of Calcutta to Black Beauty, Black Sabbath, and the Black Dahlia.

Death Metal English – Guide for translating common phrases into Metal. Heh.

Swants Tutorial – Instructions for turning a sweater into pants. Not strictly goth, but: a) It counts if the sweater you start with is gothy; b) It’s too ridiculous not to share. (Hat tip to Burning Prairie)

Scissors Coffin – This (probably felt) scissors case would be easy to DIY.

Skull and Roses Flip-Flops – Pretty design. A bunch of other interesting designs also turn up if you search “day of the dead flip-flops”.

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  1. Burning Prairie Says:

    Thanks for the hat-tip! Stephen West, the erstwhile inventor of swants, is a local Tulsa boy. He’s not just a knit designer, he’s also an ex-pat in Holland and a dancer/choreographer. His Boneyard shawl pattern was one of the first big project I did after learning to knit.

  2. xJane Says:

    (every other one)

    Those feathers are very convincing!

    Do not let Starbucks acquire this technology.

    I kind of love that the primary means of translation in to Death Metal IS ALL CAPS.

    That is adorbs. And also if you do that on the inside, you can make a full coffin-shaped outside for maximum effect.

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