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Kraken Edible Autopsy

January 8th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Sarlacc BundtIntrepid reader xJane turned me on to the infamous Miss Cakehead’s Kraken Edible Autopsy event. It was done to promote The Kraken Rum (which, incidentally, has a marvelously gothy label) and featured hyper-realistic bits of kraken made from cake.

As is typical of Miss Cakehead’s stuff, the baked body parts were: a) Highly ooky and b) Mainly beyond the scope of the home baker. One exception is the bit in the photo above: I think it’s supposed to be a kraken mouthpart, but xJane likened it to a Sarlacc pit and I can definitely see the resemblance. That, I suspect, could be replicated by mere mortals using a bundt mold and fondant.

Make your favorite bundt cake: I’m fond of Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate stout and lemon bundt recipes. Frost as desired; if you’re doing a Sarlacc (which would be a fun centerpiece for a Star Wars themed-party) use a sandy brown color. For squid parts–or, for that matter, a Pit of Hell–reddish-purple is a good choice.

Make the fangs/radula/whatever-those-Sarlacc-things-were from fondant: Although it’s possible to make fondant from scratch, the store-bought stuff is a lot easier to work with. Roll it like clay, and affix each fang with a toothpick stuck into the back.

Reasonably easy, and undeniably attention-getting. You could also make individual cupcakes with a fondant tentacle or two questing skyward.

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  1. xJane Says:

    Fondant! I assumed it was a tricky frosting maneuver.

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