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Yet Another Week of Link Dumps

January 13th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Despite my best efforts to clear the backlog in my Link Dump folder, I keep finding new stuff to share. It’s time for another week of nothing but Link Dumps. Brace yourselves!

Zombie Snowmen – If I lived anywhere near a cemetery, I’d do this every single time it snowed. (via Beth)

Fake Bookcase Hides Secret Cabinet – I’m a huge fan of hidden rooms and secret passages, so this vastly tickles my fancy. I’d have trouble sawing up the books for the front, though.

Octopus Chandelier – This intricate stained-glass chandelier is astonishing. (Hat tip to Sisifo)

Emotional Snowballs – Easy papier-mache “snowballs” with lots of character. These would be cute as holiday decorations, or just piled on a shelf.

Black Light Tattoos – Roundup of interesting tattoos that change under black light. I think the Cheshire Cat is my favorite. (via Cat)

The Fellowship of the Family Dinner – Fairly epic LOTR-themed dining room.

Xenomorph Macarons – These incredibly-detailed cookies are guaranteed to put you off your feed. (Hat tip to xJane)

Steampunk Wrist Cuffs – Easy tutorial for making steamy cuffs.

Society 6 Art Sale – Artist Abigail Larson is having a sale, including free shipping, until January 24. There’s loads of pretty, gothy artwork. (Hat tip to Sisifo)

Dyed Marine Animals – Iori Tomita dyes the skeletons/carapaces of marine animals. The results are weirdly lovely. (Here’s another artist who does similar work.)

Bonus Links (I have such a ridiculous backlog, all dumps this week will have 15 links rather than the usual 10.)

Safety Tips from Anubis – I just sort of like the idea of Anubis being available, Saturday-morning-cartoon-style, for PSAs.

Red Carpet 1 – Digital image which from a distance appears to be an intricate woven carpet, but up close is shown to be made up of thousands of images taken in a slaughterhouse.

EMMA – Peculiar art project which randomly grabs text snippets from the DreamBank database and images from Google Street View and juxtaposes the two. The result is oddly creepy.

Edgar Allan Poe Bandages – Poe and his Raven will fix your boo-boos.

Halloween Hairstyles Recap – Hilariously awesome ideas for spooky (and kid-friendly) hairstyles.

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  1. Fiend4Halloween Says:

    Love the week of link dumps, and the bonus links as well, thanks!!! Zombie snowmen and octolamp are my fav’s so far!

  2. xJane Says:

    OMGs, that’s an awesome bookcase/secret storage. That is going to be one happy kid! (Also, my friend has a secret room in his house and I’m so in love with it. Full on bookcase with secret book-to-open.)

    I love the idea of a hidden, black-light tattoo. Also, the Dark Mark is pretty fantastic!

    That is an insane dining set and I want to be invited to dinner.

    I love tutorials like that! The zipper makes it more “punk”, which is awesome. I rarely wear bracelets, but when I do, this is a cute one!

    OMEGs, I love the mummy hair!

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