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Yet Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 3

January 15th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Tentacle Cookie Jar – This looks reasonably do-able and the results are really striking. (Hat tip to Sisifo)

Crafty Tattoos – Pinterest board of craft-themed tattoos.

Kitchen Canister Makeover – This is a neat tutorial for sprucing up thrift-store canisters. They got a more recent makeover here.

Spoopy Games – Roundup of casual-play games with horror themes.

Lord of the Rings Knitting Patterns – A whole series of lovely designs themed around characters and places from the series.

Witch Hat Arbor – Awesome, possibly replicable by mere mortals (albeit with a lot of work) landscaping detail.

Muffin – Skeletal rocking horse created as the mount for a spooky china doll. A full-sized one would be amazing in a gothy playroom.

Harry Potter Stilettos – Great-looking “Hogwarts House” designs.

Steampunk Shoot – Gallery of photos from a steampunk wedding. Some great inspiration.

Skeletal Wine Glass – (The photo is the best I could find.) From what I can gather, this was a concept design and didn’t see production. Pity.

Bonus Links

Sassy Feet – Site devoted to upcycling shoes (and handbags). Some great ideas. (Hat tip to xJane)

When You Die – This cartoon amused me.

Halloween Lips – Great makeup idea. Check out the rest of the artist’s gallery as well.

Jack Skellington Light – Super-easy mod to a dollar store push-light.

Anatomical Maquettes of Fanciful Creatures – Just in case you wondered what Ganesha would look like with his skin off.

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  1. StoneMaven Says:

    This reminded me of you!

  2. xJane Says:

    Oh man, the cross stitching tattoos!

    (My reaction to StoneMaven)

    Love the witch hat!

    The rocking horse seems very doable.

  3. KG Says:

    Loooove the witch hat arbor.

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