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Yet Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 5

January 17th, 2014 by Cobwebs

This concludes the latest Link-Dump Extravaganza. We’ll return to regular posting (and once-a-week dumps) on Monday.

The First Animated Gifs – A small collection of animated images created from vintage phenakistoscopes. They are mostly creepy as hell.

SOVRIN – Etsy store with lots of witchy clothing.

Lord of the Rings Cupcakes – These designs by Wir Machen Cupcakes are just adorable.

Magician Baby Announcement – This multi-stage photo is a brilliant idea.

30 Deserted Places That Truly Look Beautiful – Roundup of lovely photos.

Lux Aeterna – Lovely orchestral leitmotif from the movie Requiem for a Dream.

Love is More Than Words – Morticia and Wednesday depicted as Madonna and Child. The painting is by Isabel Samaras, whose site is NSFW.

Cleaver Ring – The blood is optional, but is a nice touch.

Medusa Door Knocker – This oughta startle visitors.

Kisses of Death – Creepy little sculptures of chocolate kisses with a skull center.

Bonus Links

The 10 Most Dangerous Places in New York City – An amusing roundup.

The Laundry – RPG based on Charles Stross’ “Laundry Files” series.

Vanity Project – Gorgeous vintage-inspired clothing by Limb.

Disney Villain Sugar Skulls – Printed set of Disney-themed calaveras. I like the apples in the Wicked Queen’s eyes.

Spotted Centipede – Whimsical little felted centipede.

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  1. Fiend4Halloween Says:

    Thanks for the link dump extravaganza!!!! It’s so much fun looking through all the great links. I found a ton of great stuff so thanks to you and everyone that contributed! Have a horrific weekend!

  2. WitchArachne Says:

    Those LotR cupcakes are amazing and make me wish I had even a small amount of skill with icing things. Unfortunately my attempt to make a One Ring cupcake would probably actually look like a blasted-apart donut sitting on a 70s tasselled cushion.
    Also, as much as I love that doorknocker I can’t not see it as Medusa after a long night of drinking and it makes me giggle a fair bit.

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