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February 14th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Steampunk Cthulhu Wall Lamp – This sculptural lamp by Karl Dupere-Richer is just astonishing.

Painted Ants on Porcelain – Artist Evelyn Bracklow paints realistic ants crawling all over vintage porcelain dishes. The results are rather skin-crawly.

LampaDani – Italian artist who makes gorgeous glass lamps. I love this fantastical tree.

Haunted Mansion Valentines – The “Wanna Corrupt My Mortal State?” one made me giggle.

Wax Harryhausen – Since the skeletal warriors from Jason and the Argonauts are my all-time favorite Harryhausen creatures, I find this sculpture particularly marvelous.

Literary Fun Fact – This SMBC strip explains a lot.

Rise of the Werewolf Cats – New boutique breed of cats that resemble werewolves. (via Beans)

Rosemary’s Baby Gets TV Reboot – It’s going to be a miniseries starring Zoe Saldana. Huh. (This article technically contains spoilers, but the movie is over 30 years old so I think the statute of limitations has run out. Also Darth Vader is Luke’s father.)

Chewie and Han – Characters drawn in the style of Tim Burton.

18 Terrifying Old Costumes – These vintage costumes are certainly…arresting.

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  1. xJane Says:

    Now that is a nightlight!

    Yeeeeeeah, that’s not a set of painted-vintage-ceramics I need. And usually I need most of them.

    I’ll see your tree and raise you a pomegranate.

    Best. Valentines. Ever: coming soon to my facebook feed. Stand by.

    One of the best parts of Monster’s Inc. was the fact that THE place to see and be seen was Harryhausen’s.

    lol, the red button frame.

    I…wow. My first thought was, “Cats who turn into dogs at the full moon?” but the reality was so much worse. So much worse.

    Which raises the age-old question: what is the statute of limitations on spoilers?

    Wow, I didn’t think young Harrison Ford could get any thinner.

    What is it that is so terrifying about a person with a gunny sack on their head?

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