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Link Dump on Elm Street

May 2nd, 2014 by Cobwebs

Gothic Gardening – Five black plants “worth braving the sun for.” (via Burning Prairie)

Graveyard Photographs – Roundup of lovely detail photos in cemeteries.

Boston to Get Poe Statue – The city has chosen sculptor Stefanie Rocknak’s “Poe Returning to Boston,” which will be unveiled in October of this year.

O les mains – A surreal series of incredibly creepy digitally-manipulated images, showing limbs where they really shouldn’t be. NSFW for artistic nudity.

All Natural Arts – A variety of lovely artwork, including a bunch of tiny “sculptures” made from clock parts. (via Cat)

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth – I had no idea there was ever a novelization of the movie. It’s been out of print for a while, but is now available again. The novelization was overseen by Henson, and this version of the book includes some previously unpublished concept illustrations by Brian Froud.

Lace Steampunk Mask – Although the tutorial is designed for use with a machine-embroidered mask pattern which you’re supposed to purchase from them, the same general idea could be used with other masks.

Rossendale Fairies – A university lecturer claims to have inadvertently photographed fairies. Mmm hm.

Creature from the Black Lagoon Amigurumi – Oh my GAWD I have got to learn how to crochet.

Passover Cocktails for Each of the Ten Plagues – Too late for this year, but there’s always next time. I just adore that somebody took the effort to match drinks to plagues. (Hat tip to Kitten Herder)

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  1. WitchArachne Says:

    Regardless of truth, those fairy photos are pretty cute.
    Also, having spent a large part of yesterday wandering an old cemetery we randomly came across (and trying not to think about the snakes that were probably everywhere), my bestie and I are in a perfect state to drool over those graveyard photos.

  2. Sisifo Says:

    Hubs says no garden until the kids are older, but I’m not sure I can wait that long when there are BLACK FLOWERS TO BE GROWN.
    Excited for my hybrids to get home from school so I can show them the fairy pictures. They’ll love those!
    And I can ask for the Labyrinth book for Mother’s Day… Right?

  3. xJane Says:

    Doctor Who has ruined me and I can now barely look at cemetery statues…

    That is an incredible statue! I hope it looks as lifelike and flowing in real life (this looks like a concept)!

    I love the hand-wings! (Also the appropriately-placed flipping-the-bird.)

    From what I’ve heard, crocheting is very easy (even I used to be able to do it) and with a bit of practice, making dolls is only natural. My sister’s mother-in-law makes her grandkids incredible crocheted stuffed aminals. Somewhere, I have a purple dragon that she made me and whom I loved.

    This drinks list makes me want to celebrate Passover. Although, after 10 alcoholic plagues, it’d probably be more like a passunder, amirite?

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