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Yet More Stuff I Found While Looking Around

September 4th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Duck! Here’s another bunch of random stuff I’ve found whilst trawling the deeps of the intartubes. A few have no attribution, so if you happen to know the source for any of these please leave a note in the comments. (Click to view larger.)

Dusty Raven

Wire Trellis

This six-foot trellis made from barbed wire is by The Dusty Raven.
Chippendale Cabinet

Chinoiserie Cabinet

This antique cabinet is by Thomas Chippendale. In the home of my dreams, this houses my wunderkammer.
Skull Boot

Skull Combat Boot

These are Iron Fist’s “Sugar Hiccup” design, also available as heels. I initially thought the skulls were made of seed beads, but up close they appear to be sequins. If you’ve got a steady hand the design would be reasonably easy to DIY.
Monster Matryoshka

Monster Matryoshka

These gorgeous things are cast resin, hand-painted by Gravlax? (That isn’t a question. The blog name is “Gravlax?”)

Crocheted Slug

This cute li’l gastropod is by Lesley Stanfield. She also has a snail and caterpillar.
Vampire Shoes

Vampire Shoes

These are some of the most hilariously over-the-top shoes I’ve ever laid eyes on; extra points for taking “stiletto heel” literally. They’re a custom job by Jitterbug Boy.
Skull Dress

Lace-back Skull Dress

As nearly as I can tell, this is by Premonition Designs. It’s available at Amazon.
Maleficent Cupcake

Maleficent Cupcake

These dark chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling are by Sinister Sweetshop. There’s a recipe at the link, plus a “raven wings” version of the decoration.
Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails

There’s a tutorial for this effect at Style Den.
Skull Shawl

Skull Shawl

I am heartbroken that there seems to be no pattern or design source for this. The original photo appears to be from a photo shoot done by Russian photographer Dis.
Ouija Cake

Ouija Cake

This is a replica of the Parker Brothers’ game board, and since the small print looks hand-lettered I’m going to assume the pictures are also drawn by hand. I like the slightly-3D larger letters and numbers; they appear to be icing or possibly chocolate. They seem to be a little more regular in shape, so they may have been filled in over a template and then placed on the cake when set.

Country Living has a free download of the same design which can be printed onto an edible cake topper (or printed on paper to use for non-cake purposes); the rest of the cakes in the slideshow are also worth browsing. Also check out this roundup of ouija cake designs that I found during my search for this cake’s creator.

Shining Manicure

“The Shining” Manicure

The artist says that she did this by hand using “a striper brush and a lot of patience.” You can do the same if you are similarly endowed with a small brush and patience. I expect a similar effect could be achieved by gluing down thin printed paper and then embellishing with “blood.”
Skull Ear Cuff

Skull Ear Cuff

This is available at eBuy9. Considering the surprisingly low price I question if it looks this good in reality.
Vampire Nails

Vampire Nails

I have no bloody–so to speak–idea where these originally came from. Instead I will point you to Tea & Vampires, which has a nice roundup of vampy nail art.
Ceramic Vases

Ceramic Skull Vases

These are by Pottery Barn, and are lovely if you have the sort of disposable income that will allow you to drop $100 on a vase. Otherwise, I’m thinking this might be fairly DIY-able with an existing vase, a clay skull, and some paint.

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  1. cookie Says:

    I don’t get it. Why do ALL these trellis/spiderweb things use barbed wire??!? Having once lived on a farm and strung this crap for cow fences I gotta say this shit is AWFUL to use ( think tetnus booster shots, iodine, band aides and swearing- LOTS of swearing )If you’re going to make one of these things on your own spring for a roll of bailing wire or even bell wire; anything is better than barbed wire, one of man’s most evil inventions.Jeeze!

  2. Pixel Pixie Says:

    Excuse me, you can’t alert me to the existence of skull combat boots when they aren’t in stock! I guess I will *have to* buy the heels instead. Thank goodness I have gigantor feet, because gigantor and minuscule are the only sizes available.

  3. Laurie Brown Says:

    So many things I neeeeeeddddd!!!

  4. Medal Whore Says:

    I am most pleased that Maleficent started a DIY trend… My favorite Disney princess.

  5. hng23 Says:

    Check out this gorgeous ouija lamp:

  6. xJane Says:

    I feel like that skull jar could be relatively easily DIY’d with a skull-shaped object, a vase, and some paint.

  7. Fiend4Halloween Says:

    I’m in loooove with the Chinoiserie Cabinet!! HOW FREAKIN COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! And hng23, thanks so much for the Ouija lamp link! I have a small collection of these boards and want to try this lamp. Thanks again!

  8. Mim Says:

    That cabinet is just stunning.

  9. Jessica Says:

    I have those boots and the matching heels. The soles split on the boots in the first week.

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