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October 24th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Rucus Studio – Neat folk art-y Halloween (and Christmas; whatever) sculptures by artist Scott Smith. Items featuring prints of some of his work are available at Society 6. (via Old Fashion Halloween)

Vintage Halloween Cartoons – ShellHawk has put together a great playlist of old-time Halloween cartoons.

Let’s Make Halloween Pompoms – Yes, let’s. Instructions for making cute li’l ghosts, skulls, and eyeballs. These would be a great accent for a hat or sweater. You could even make a brooch or earrings out of ’em.

“Masque of the Red Death” Musical – Wendy Pini’s adaptation of Poe’s classic story is going to be a “science fiction horror musical.” Okay then.

OppoSuits – Men’s business suits made of…um…striking fabric. There are a couple of Halloween ones, like Pumpking and Bat Guy. (via Pixel Pixie)

Halloween Claws – Simple manicure idea which gives the illusion of sharp nails.

Feeling Halloween – Dooce has a roundup of some upscale Halloween-ish items. I love the bat cocktail napkins.

What It’s Like to Run Into a Puppy-Sized Spider in the Middle of the Night – Naturalist’s description of his encounter with a giant spider. I didn’t know spiders could hiss. Neat. (Bonus link: Giant Spiders)

Werewolf Cupcakes – These take more time and effort than I, personally, put into decorating cupcakes, but they’re quite cute and the method isn’t difficult.

Phantom of the Opera Pumpkin – This definitely qualifies as “serious effort.”

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  1. Fiend 4halloween Says:

    Wonder if the Masque of the Red Death Wendy is the same one that does Elfquest..a great comic! Thanks for the Rucus Studio link, beautiful artwork, as well as the Phantom pumpkin…awesome! Have a great and scary weekend all !

  2. Bruno Says:

    I’m a bit disappointed at the cartoon playlist for not having Donald Duck’s Lucky Day ( and The Old Mill (, both of which I recoded on a cassete tape as a child and would watch over and over and over again in loop.

    (Funny story: once during a very heavy rain, a lightning struck the TV antenna on the coffee farm I lived in, and fried the cassete player. I got a bit hysterical over my not being able to get the daily fix of horror cartoons, so my mom shooshed me, told me to lie on the floor, shut down the lights and put the Rolling Stones to play on the record player, which is how the Stones came to be my favourite band to this day.)

    (That’s my mom’s style of parenting at its best, by the way. She would also watch Twin Peaks with me on her lap as I was learning to speak, which means the Portuguese equivalent of Log Lady was one of my first non-trivial words spoken.)

  3. Bruno Says:

    AND since I already broke the ice here with a few video links, here’s Rob Cantor’s Shia Labeouf as performed by him along with the Gay Men Chorus of LA, the West LA Children’s Choir and The Argus Quartet:

  4. xJane Says:

    Okay, for once I like the manicure art. Those are awesome.

    Wow. When did Dooce become super high-end off-brand Martha Stewart? $70 candle??

    That said, I love the cocktail napkins but, as my problem always is with these things, they’re disposable. Surely there are Japanese Yakuza tattoo-inspired fabrics that could be turned into adorable cocktail napkins, no?

    I also can’t decide if “snake spreader” sounds like a carnival side show or a kama sutra position…

    I now want a puppy-sized spider pet. As long as it doesn’t mind me shaving it regularly. Also, “urticate” is my new favorite word: My boss’ voice urticates my ears. His personality is urticaceous. Stop being so urticating! (Or, as my friend said, upon being told of this fine word, “Urticaceous bristles in Lepidoptera is my new band name”.)

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