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The Great Martian War

December 15th, 2014 by Cobwebs

As an unusual tribute to WW I, the History Channel created an allegorical secret history of a war against Martian invaders.

On its 100th anniversary, The Great Martian War tells the story of the catastrophic events and unimaginable horrors of 1913-17, when Humankind was pitted against a savage Alien invasion.

With powerful and detailed First World War parallels, The Great Martian War fuses sci-fi fantasy with specialist factual history to explore the real-world tragedies and unique horror of World War One.

The accompanying video is weirdly plausible.

(There are a lot of complaints about the choice of music, so watch it with the sound off if it irritates you.)

(via BoingBoing)

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  1. cookie Says:

    I missed it. boo hoo hoo. What the hell is happening?!!? The HISTORY channel???!!!! What’s next; the secret zombie war of ’41 – ’45 ? Isn’t this the same place where they kinda sorta proved that mermaids might or might not exist? When will the weather channel show it’s ‘Sharknado’ special? Next time when you ask someone a simple question and are answered by a blank stare think about crap like this then go home and throw your tv out the godam window.
    P.S. IF the History channel ever decides to show movies may I suggest they start with “Idiocracy”.

  2. Devries Says:

    I saw this in October and thought it was pretty good. The war scenes were very well filmed
    and with great special effects

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