The Art of Darkness


November 26th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Kindertrauma ClownGot several hours to kill and a desire to dredge up long-suppressed childhood fears? Check out Kindertrauma. With the slogan, “Your happy childhood ends here,”

KINDERTRAUMA is about the movies, books, and toys that scared you when you were a kid. It’s also about kids in scary movies, both as heroes and villains. And everything else that’s traumatic to a tyke!

Through reviews, stories, artwork, and testimonials, we mean to remind you of all the things you once tried so hard to forget…

The site is a trove of childhood horror, from ostensible “children’s movies” that are awfully dark for kids (I’m looking at you, Watership Down), to glimpses of grown-up TV shows, to the gory comic books published in the heady days before the CCA. Site hosts Unkle Lancifer and Aunt John publish their own writeups of kid-scarring media, but users are encouraged to submit their own Traumafessions. There’s also a helpful “Name That Trauma” feature: If you can’t remember the title of a book or movie that scared you as a kid, you can describe whatever details you recall and crowdsource an answer.

The hosts conduct occasional interviews with horror bloggers and other notables in the industry (my favorite line so far: “I don’t know what dark entities Sid & Marty Krofft spent time in the thrall of, but everything they made to entertain kids is tinged with this unearthly, utterly alien sensibility”), and there’s a “Name That Traumatot” picture-identification game.

After you’ve worked your way through the site archives, be sure to check out their fantastically lengthy blogroll of other horror-friendly sites.

I’m somewhat miffed that my own childhood-warping movie, The Beast with Five Fingers, doesn’t seem to be included in their archives. I may have to submit a Traumafession of my very own.

(Hat tip to cookie)

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  1. Pixel Pixie Says:

    I sent in a trauma a few years ago about a female vampire that jumps through a plate glass window in a nightgown. No one knows what it was. I had nightmares about that for MONTHS.

  2. Jes Says:

    I have been obsessed with this website for AGES!!

  3. Kathy White Says:

    I’m avoiding this website as, at 61 years of age, I am still recuperating from a) Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein and b) my babysitter’s copy of “Tales From the Crypt” (I couldn’t put that down – I read it and re-read it and scared myself silly over and over again – I think my mum finally found it and put it down the incinerator).

  4. xJane Says:

    Oh man. The empty-carnival episode of Mission: Impossible (a show I lurved as a kid) and that one of TNG where Geordi turns into an alien with fused fingers and disappears.

  5. StoneMaven Says:

    The Nigh Gallery. An episode about a doll that bites. Enough said.

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