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Battle of the Five Link Dumps

February 20th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Little Embroidered Bones – An interview with artist T.C. Hutchinson of tinycup needleworks. I adore all of her little skeletons.

Alex Stoddard – Wonderfully surreal photography, some of it quite creepy. NSFW for artistic nudity. (via Spooky Moon)

The Black Mudpuppy – Webcomic where, to quote its creator, “an Aztec god of the dead is trapped in an axolotl and forced to be a superhero.” We’ve all had days like that.

The Perfection That is Anatomia Humani Corporis – Photos of an astonishingly elaborate hand-bound book. (Hat tip to xJane)

Popular Skullture – A look at the skull motif in pulp magazines, paperbacks, and comic books, back when the image of a skull was still striking and macabre instead of something routinely slapped on baby clothes.

Bat Photos – Stunning closeup photos of bats by researcher Merlin D. Tuttle.

DIY Skull Bookends – Easy tutorial using a cheap plaster skull.

Insect Alphabet – Gorgeous hand-drawn font featuring insects as each letter.

Lord of the Rings Dinner Party – This is a great idea, with many geeky details.

Carmilla – Artist Isabella Mazzanti did a lovely showcase set of illustrations for the Le Fanu novel.

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  1. Laurie Brown Says:

    I like the photo where the person’s head is in a gray cloud. It’s how I feel a lot of the time!

  2. xJane Says:

    Those two fighting embroidered skeletons look so happy!!

    That one bat with his face buried in a flower looks like I feel when I eat.

    I want those recipes for my next Game of Thrones feast!

  3. Jes Says:

    I really want to make those bookends for my growing Hellblazer graphic novel collection.

  4. Pixel Pixie Says:

    When I had my LotR party, I wanted to make shortbread cookies with a leaf cookie cutter and call them lembas, but a leaf cookie cutter is surprisingly hard to find. I did eventually find one based on the brooch Galadriel gives the hobbits, but it was expensive. But I did find one in the shape of a foot, so I blobbed some chocolate frosting on half and covered that in sprinkles and called them hobbit feet.

  5. Goth Gardener Says:

    Those Carmilla illustrations are gorgeous.

  6. StoneMaven Says:

    I am now in love with the Black Mudpuppy and his phonetic pronunciations of Aztec god names! It’s like Deadpool with dredlocks.

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