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Even More Stuff I Found While Looking Around

July 15th, 2015 by Cobwebs

It’s time for another bunch of random stuff I want to share but can’t hang a whole post on. Some of them have no attribution, so if you happen to know the source for any of these please leave a note in the comments. (Click to view larger.)

Vintage Halloween Vest

Halloween Vest

This is a secondhand vest described on The Rusty Zipper as “ugly” by someone who obviously meant to type “awesome.” What I like about it is how easy it would be to DIY: Simple applique outlines, straightforward beading and/or embroidery, and blanket-stitched edges. You could use a plain thrifted vest as a base and gussy it up in an afternoon.

Sally Pinup Tattoo

Artist Tim Shumate did a series of Disney characters as pinup models for tattoos; you can see that set here, and buy prints of those and other work at Society 6.
Bat Wing Cup

Bat Wing Cup

This is by the Sami Rinne Design Shop, which sells them in cappuccino and espresso sizes. I don’t speak Finnish, so I don’t know if they ship elsewhere.
Ian Curtis Cushion

Ian Curtis Cushion

He’s…he’s looking at me.

No idea where this originated; it was found at I Have Seen the Whole of the Internet, but it’s unclear where it came from. TinEye is no help. Oh, well; it’s easy to custom-print photos on fabric so if you always dreamed of sitting on Ian Curtis’ face, now’s your chance.

Wayne Family Cosplay

Wayne Family Cosplay

I love everything about this. You know there’ll be plenty of Batman cosplayers, so play off of them instead. Bonus for leaving a trail of mildly-perplexed Batmen in your wake.
Flower Skull

Porcelain Skull

This is one of several porcelain skull designs by artist NooN in collaboration with the French ceramics company K.olin tribu. Something similar could be DIYd with a plaster skull and decoupage.
Exorcist Prank

Exorcist Prank

This is such a simple joke, but it made me giggle. A lot.


This Lovecraftian shoe is by Kermit Tesoro. Although not terribly practical to walk in, you have to admit that it can’t be beaten for style. (As one commenter put it, “Your poor unfortunate soles.”)
Pizza Ouija

Pizza Ouija

As soon as I saw this I figured it was probably a Hell Pizza item. It was a limited-edition box created for an advertising campaign. Hell Pizza is the same company that offered hell cross buns for Easter a few years ago.
Window Frame

Window Picture Frame

The watermark on this credits Cheerios and Lattes, but I didn’t see a post referencing it. Regardless, it’s a neat way to repurpose an old window frame: Place little shadowboxes behind each pane and use them to display small items. I like the shabby, peeling-paint look; this would be great with a spooky thing in each pane, all trying to get inside….

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  1. Pixel Pixie Says:

    I once took a plain black hoodie and spent something like $40 on Halloween buttons (which was a lot to spend on a project when I was in grad school). I went nuts sewing them all over the hoodie, and then embroidered a giant spider web on the back.

    I imagine the people who think that sweater is ugly would say the same about my hoodie.

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