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June 19th, 2015 by Cobwebs

The Belfry – Purveyor of “oddities and collectables” like vintage wall charts and odd taxidermy. Anybody who has a stone marten wearing an eyepatch is okay by me. (Hat tip to Sisifo)

Period Panties – Harebrained has a collection of panties featuring images like the ghostly twins (and bloody elevator) from The Shining, a zombie with the slogan “Dawn of the Red,” and a pissed-off werewolf entitled “Bleeder of the Pack.” (via Tanya)

H.P. Lovecraft Answers Your Relationship Questions – “Dear Abby” should be more like this. (via pdq) Bonus link: “I can’t even.”

Twilight in 30 Seconds – Another installment in Angry Alien’s “Bunnies in 30 Seconds” series. (Hat tip to DeVries)

19th Century Escort Cards – Unusual collection of cards with pickup lines designed to convince women to let men walk them home. Scandalous!

How Books Are Made – Interesting short video detailing traditional bookbinding. (I dislike linking to Facebook on principle, but couldn’t find the same video elsewhere. There’s a much longer one on YouTube which is pretty neat.) (via Bruno, who commented, “This video is better than therapy”) Update: Found a non-FB source.

Rejected Poster Designs for The Shining – Several movie poster ideas by Saul Bass, with Stanley Kubrick’s notes on why he didn’t like them. (via Beans)

Exploring the Darker Side of Fashion – Fashion exhibition featuring designs themed around “love and loss.”

Breakfast – Velociraptors were similar to cats. (The channel name is “We Have a Dinosaur,” so I assume this is the first video in a series.)

Lego Haunted Mansion – This suggested Lego design didn’t gain enough supporters by the deadline, which makes me sad.

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  1. Fiend 4halloween Says:

    Never heard about the Haunted Mansion Lego set. What a bummer! Wish they would’ve spread the word better. I’m in Haunted Mansion groups, chats, forums, never heard about the fundraiser.

  2. Janice Says:

    I do love breakfast.

  3. Devries Says:

    Other Bunniefied movies from Alien To Wizard Of Oz can be found at

  4. xJane Says:

    An antique stone marten, no less!

    The can’t even article! I love it!!

    I didn’t even know Flash animation still existed!

    That is a DAMNED good looking velociraptor!

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