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July 1st, 2009 by Cobwebs

Dracula GameWant to play a game with a few like-minded individuals, but don’t want to devote six hours to a round of Vampire: The Masquerade? Here are a few suggestions for card- and board games with zombie, ghost, or vampire themes.

Zombie Fluxx – A riff on the popular Fluxx card game, but with zombies. Their expansion pack includes a flamethrower, plus new art of zombies like a ballerina and a boy scout.

Dia de Los Muertos – A trick-taking card game in which you send animals, then children, then adults on to the afterlife.

Dracula – A two-player board game in which Dracula looks for victims, van Helsing is looking for vampire coffins, and each must battle the minions of the other.

Zombiegeddon – Armageddon starts tonight. Spend the first half of the game trying to gather supplies, and the second half trying to survive the zombies.

Ghost Chase – Ghost hunters explore a haunted mansion, trying to find the ghost. The hunters can collaborate if they wish, but only one can win by capturing the ghost.

Dawn Under – This is a memory-type game in which vampires search for vacant graves to occupy before the sun rises. If they open a tomb which already has an occupant or contains garlic, they are penalized.

Last Night on Earth – A fast-paced game with a B-movie feel where some players are Heroes, some are Zombies, and they fight tooth, nail, and shotgun in the heart of a small town.

Ghost for Sale – Compete with others to purchase old castles and mansions. A resident ghost or two will add cachet; too many will terrorize visitors.

Fury of Dracula – Vampire hunters move around a map of Europe, searching for clues to the whereabouts of Dracula. The game is made tougher by alternating “day” and “night” rounds; once the sun goes down, the tables are turned and the hunters must flee the significantly more powerful Count.

Zombies!!! – A competetive game in which you try to fight off the undead and make your way to the helipad and rescue whilst thwarting other players from doing the same.

Ghost Stories – This game has a unique Asian flavor: You are the final defender of the living against Wu-Feng, Lord of the Nine Hells, who has come to claim the funerary urn that contains his ashes.

A Touch of Evil – A murderous creature has taken up residence in a secluded 19th-Century town. A small group of heroic individuals is their only hope.

Mall of Horror – Each player controls a small team of characters, and as more zombies pop up, the players must vote on who searches for supplies, who mans the security cameras, and…who gets eaten.

Bump in the Night – Each player controls a team of monsters which try to terrorize visitors to a haunted house.

Vampire – Move your vampire hunters around Castle Gruselstein, throwing garlic and chasing down Count Dracula and his minions.

Dead Money – You’re one of the last players in an undead poker game you’re not allowed to win.

The Pumpkin King – Move around a cemetery trail to reach a headless scarecrow and become king.

:::whew::: Fun for the whole family! Assuming it’s the Addams family.

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  1. Kitten Herder Says:

    I am SHOCKED that you don’t have

    Give Me the Brain

    or Dead Money

    Cheap Ass games has all sorts of family fun games like these.

  2. Wedding Skulls Says:

    OOOoooh, we play zombies all the time at home!

    We’re also fans of the Munchkin Card games – they have a pack called ‘Munchkin Bites’ which is vampire themed. Love!

  3. Sally Says:

    An old one, but still found sometimes on ebay, is called “I Vant to Bite Your Finger.” Yes, “vant.” :) One of my friends had it from way back, and I got her a working game a few years back after her vampire had broken. It is for a child perhaps four and up, played like Don’t Wake Daddy. You can move your token as many spaces (through a graveyard) as you turn the clock hands that the vampire is holding. If the vampire’s cape flies open, you have to go back to start and put your finger in the vampire’s mouth. There is a button to push on the back which makes to “fangs” descend and leave little red (ink) bite marks on your finger. It’s hilarious, and one of these days I may get another for myself. I can’t believe they don’t still make this!

  4. maria Says:

    when i was little we used to play a game called “dungeon” – which had a unusual large board. does anyone know if it is still on the market?

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