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Halloween Advent Calendar

August 27th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Halloween Advent CalendarThis is such a neat idea, and the execution is gorgeous. It’s a customized advent calendar by aptly-named Etsy shop Halloween Advent House: Each window and door opens to reveal a different spooky drawing, and the whole thing lights up at night (there are additional photos on Etsy). The house includes a plexiglass “sky” featuring a full moon and a custom message. It is a work of art.

The single sticking point is that it’s $1795US, which puts it beyond the budget of many a Halloween addict. Darn it, it’s always something.

If you’re feeling ambitious, it might be possible to DIY something similar using a wooden dollhouse kit; it’d still be fairly expensive–suitably large kits run close to $200–but the cost would be a little easier to bear and you could decorate it however you fancied.

There are dozens of kits available; some that aren’t outrageously expensive and seem to have a sufficient number of windows/doors include Greenleaf’s Beacon Hill and Pierce models, Real Good Toys’ Bostonian and Newport, Superior’s Queen Anne, and (my favorite) Laser Design’s Leon Gothic.

Since the dollhouses have more depth, you could put actual miniature monsters behind the doors and windows rather than artwork (or print designs of your choice on thin acetate and glue them in place). There are plenty of Halloween-themed miniature decorations for dollhouses, so once you’re finished with the interior you could expand your house’s grounds with a family graveyard and spooky trees. (Now that I think about it, an advent graveyard would be kind of cute too; assign a number to each tombstone and open a different grave each day.)

It’s certainly an elaborate project, but it would be a fun family activity to build your own haunted dollhouse and then use it every October to count down the days to Halloween.

(via Spooky Moon)

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  1. Pixel Pixie Says:

    My great-grandmother hand-embroidered a (Christmas) advent calendar, with a picture for each day and a small hoop to hang a candy cane from. (Eventually we got tired of candy canes, so my mom bagged some holiday M & Ms or whatever, and tied it up with a curly ribbon, which was also tied to the hoop.)

    Lessee, can we come up with 30 Halloween icons? Pumpkin, bat, spider, tombstone, vampire, werewolf, mummy, skull, ghost, cauldron, witch, leaves, zombie, Frankenstein’s monster, his bride, haunted house, owl, raven, candle, coffin, black cat, scarecrow, grim reaper, trick or treating, skeleton, spell book, web, Jekyll and Hyde, blood, hearse. Seems like yes. Not even trying yet.

  2. KG Says:

    That is amazing. AND it lights up!

  3. Halloween Advent House Says:

    Thank you for your review, we have worked really hard to lower our price. They take us
    over a week to build you can watch our YouTube video The price is now $1180
    Thank you again for your comments.


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