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Another Dumb Week of Link Dumps

September 28th, 2015 by Cobwebs

I apologize, guys; I normally try to keep the week-long link dumps tamped down to no more than one a month, but I had a project that was making my brain cower in my skull like a startled guinea pig and didn’t have time to rustle up anything more substantial.

Those of you who complain that these marathon dumps contribute to your lost productivity will just have to resign yourselves to being less productive this week.

Haunted House – Alexander Henry fabric collection with several attractive spooky designs. I like the Favourite Haunts one, since it’s subtle unless you look at it closely.

Glow-in-the-Dark Eyeball Jelly Shots – Jell-o shots that look like eyeballs. There’s an easy nonalcoholic version here and a slightly more complicated one here.

American Horror Story Fashion Line – Hot Topic is releasing a five-piece collection, with each piece themed around a different season of AHS.

#PotterItForward – A rather sweet campaign encouraging long-time fans of the Harry Potter series to leave notes in the books for new readers.

Masques and Murder – “Renaissance revenge simulator” game in which you work to become a ruthless noblewoman. BoingBoing discusses it here.

Dandelion Earrings – Little glass globes containing dandelion seeds. The same seller has similar earrings containing moss and other natural elements.

Anti-Pills – Empty bottles with vintage-y looking labels for remedies like “Muriel Cheetbite’s ‘Anti-Nature Pills’.” I guess you could fill the bottles with mints or something.

Luna – Attractive lamp, in seven different sizes, made to resemble the moon.

Rowlf the Dog Reads “Grim Grinning Ghosts” – Disney is doing a Disneyland/Muppet crossover video series; here’s Rowlf doing a dramatic reading of the song from the Haunted Mansion.

Orcs of New York – An amusing parody of the Humans of New York project. (via Bruno)

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  1. Calvin Pizmo Says:

    “. . .I guess you could fill the bottles with mints or something…”

    You certainly could. Or other things:

  2. Fiend4Halloween Says:

    Thanks for the week of link dumps!! I love when this happens, more goodies to lurk at! Especially loving Rowlf the Dog!!! I guess I love the original Muppet show so much that I’m sort of disappointed with how the new one is, somewhat anyway.

  3. Devries Says:

    Love Link Dumps

  4. xJane Says:

    I want that Hot Topic coat. This makes me a bad person.

    I love the #potteritforward idea. I found a book in an airport that was left for me to read and leave in another airport, which I also think is a fun idea!

    Mints? How prosaic. I’ve been looking for something to keep the pills I take every evening before I go to bed in. Captain Begholder’s Anti-Gravity Pills sounds perfect.

    Those moon lights are amazing, I want them all.

    The “spooky lighting” by Bernard is perfect.

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