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“Paranormal Activity” Prank

November 16th, 2015 by Cobwebs

As Paramount continues to beat the dead horse that is the Paranormal Activity franchise, part of their promotion for the latest installment involved a prank “open house” in which potential buyers experienced spooky-seeming events. They were able to use the house that Oren Peli used in the original film, which was a nice touch.

My thoughts on this:

– I’m legitimately surprised that nobody broke their leg and/or neck fleeing down the stairs, particularly the women in heels. I’d like to know how Paramount got this past their liability lawyers.

– As The Robot’s Voice points out, “Note that every single one of these participants does what NOBODY in a movie does when shit gets crazy – leave the house immediately.” Yeah; most horror movies would be five minutes long if everybody acted rationally.

– With the exception of the breaking mirror, which I assume was done with a big projection screen, most of these effects would be reasonably easy to DIY. It’d be fun to rig a few of them and blow houseguests’ minds (doubly so if you keep insisting that there’s nothing unusual going on).

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