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December 25th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Lio Comic

Halloween Skull Socks – The motifs in this knitting pattern could be re-purposed for a lot of different projects.

Curious Cryptid Curios – “Miss Mantis” gives twee porcelain figurines insectoid makeovers, resulting in oddly winsome, elegantly-dressed bugs.

Krampus Time is Here Again – This amigurumi Krampus, complete with screaming kidnapped children, is adorably menacing.

Supernatural Horror in Literature – Interesting discussion thread about Lovecraft’s essay (linked at the top). (Hat tip to Bruno)

The Terror of Yurei – A look at Japanese haunted-house attractions, and how they differ from their Western counterparts. The article is actually an excerpt from a book, Scream, which sounds interesting.

Monsters’ Holiday – I had no idea that Bobby “Boris” Pickett followed up “Monster Mash” with a Christmas-themed tune. After listening to it, I can see why I had no idea. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Surviving the World – An amusing perspective on “the war on Christmas.”

3D Printed Cat Armor – For the feline gladiatorial games you’ve always dreamt of.

Wonderland – This is kind of an interesting game idea. It’s an audio murder mystery set in 1914 Toronto. There’s a puzzle at the end of each chapter, and you have to solve it to unlock the next one. If you get stuck, you can go for a walk (assuming you’re playing it on a device which can recognize when you’re walking) and every 100 steps unlocks one letter.

Countessa Ephemera’s Evergreen Gown – Amazing Christmas decoration made of evergreen branches. There are additional posts documenting the “gown’s” construction on the sidebar, along with similar decorations from previous years.

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  1. Cat Says:

    Not to be confused with Monster’s Holiday, by Buck Owens.

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