The Art of Darkness


February 24th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Erma is “like any other normal child. She goes to school, plays with friends, and even spends time with the family.” She also happens to be the daughter of a yĆ«rei-type ghost, so that affects her appearance and behavior just a tad. Her father appears to be a normal human, but he seems fairly sanguine about his ghostly wife and daughter.

The ‘toon, by Brandon Santiago, follows Erma’s adventures with her school chums, babysitter, and parents. It has a rather sweet, Addams Family-esque vibe, and I like how so many “normal” people in her life (like her pediatrician) just kind of roll with her peculiarities.

I think this recent strip is my favorite:


The whole series is online at Tapstasic.

(Hat tip to xJane)

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