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Yet More Stuff I Found While Looking Around

June 1st, 2016 by Cobwebs

It’s time for another bunch of random stuff I want to share but can’t hang a whole post on. Some of them have no attribution, so if you happen to know the source for any of these please leave a note in the comments. (Click to view larger.)

Raven Cake

Raven Cake

This gorgeous thing is by Wicked Sinsations, who do lots of lovely cakes.


Chalkboard Message

This amused me vastly.

Noneuclidean Sweater

Noneuclidean Sweater

So did this. (via pdq)

Folies Bergere Poster

Folies Bergere Poster

Although Folies Bergere ads never had quite the same oomph as the ones from the Grand Guignol, there are a few that are elegantly spooky. There are a couple others here.

Spiderweb Door

Spiderweb Gate

This is by UK company Art of Metal, who have a lot of other neat pieces like this fairy mirror.

Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu

1) I think this is an excellent name for a seafood dish and only regret that betentacled things don’t feature in it more heavily.
2) I kind of like the idea of ol’ H.P. having an aneurysm at the dilution of his creature.

Goth Nail Art

Goth Nails

Assuming you have very steady hands, there’s a tutorial for this nail art here.

Reddit Thread

Reddit Screenshot

From this thread. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Sea Creature Bags

Sea Creature Bags

These handbags shaped like weird sea creatures are sort of awesome. From Japan, natch.

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  1. Fiend4Halloween Says:

    i love these days were random finds are shown…and Fridays! The chalkboard, poster and especially the spiderweb gate are all great! Thanks for sharing, and have a hauntingly great day all.

  2. devries Says:

    The first pic of the 16 year old looks like something out of Carpenter’s “Night Breed” . It is a pitty there is not more squid, octopuses (octopi?) and cuttlefish (yum) in the Cthulhu dish. Ps Frog legs are good.

  3. Mim Says:

    I love seeing the Call of Cthulhu on the menu. Made me laugh!

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