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Mummified Fairy How-To

May 26th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Dead FairyI mentioned the Dead Fairy Hoax a while back, opining that something similar might be made using a miniature skeleton as a base. I finally decided to take a crack at making one, and I have to say that I’m rather pleased at how it turned out.

The project was much less difficult than I’d feared; there are a fair number of steps, but each individual one is pretty easy. (Also, it’s supposed to be a half-rotted corpse; if you mess something up, how would anybody know?)

If you’d like to try your hand at something similar, I’ve posted a tutorial here.

(This post was first published in October 2009; earning me a spot on BoingBoing and allowing me to sport a Been Boinged Nerd Merit Badge. To date, it is my most popular post by a margin almost too wide to measure.)

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  1. Fiend4Halloween Says:

    Your fairy looks great! On a side note, after adding the pantyhose, you can use your scissors to put runs in the pantyhose for an additional skin affect. I’ve also used liquid latex and cotton balls and/or papertowels. It help give stringy textures and fills gaps easily. Also woodstain is another method you can use for various skin colors. I make rotten skulls and corpses and have used these techniques often. Last, a simple technique is to use plastic shopping bags and a heat gun. Simply cover the body in bags, apply heat and it basically just melts directly to the body. Have fun with it!!

  2. Devriesx Says:

    you also might try liquid latex and morticvians wax both available at magic shops. I found flat white spray painted items (bones , plastic skulls etc. covered with some werewolf brown GREESE paint makeup gives a very realistic bone color. The Latex becomes more realistic (Looks more like dead mummifying skin) as it ages. Great for Skull Staves

  3. Devriesx Says:

    Thats Mortician’s wax

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