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The Sound and the Link Dump

August 5th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Imperial March in a Major Key – Just as playing cheerful music in a minor key can turn it into something sinister, giving Darth Vader’s theme the reverse treatment makes it sound like “the world’s happiest graduation day celebration.”

Snow White House – This fairy-tale cottage is currently for sale.

Splash Remake – Disney is doing a gender-swapped remake of Splash starring Channing Tatum as a merman. Because what the world really needs is a gender-swapped remake of Splash.

Alnwick Garden – A look at the “poison garden” in England. I want the gates for my own garden.

Butterbeer Cookies – Harry Potter-inspired recipe that sounds yummy.

Mermaid Crowns – There’s some neat DIY inspiration for a Sea Witch-type crown.

The Devil’s Midwife – Since the site is LiarTownUSA I’m certain that this alleged pub sign is ‘shopped, but if this was a real pub they would get all of my business.

Tacky Krampus Sweater – Neat altered sweater done by what amounts to cross-stitching over a knitted sweater rather than knitting by hand.

Cockroach Milk – Researchers have found that the Pacific Beetle Cockroach feeds its babies a protein-rich substance that’s being eyed as a future “superfood” for humans. Yum!

Bat Wing Boots – The wings appear to be a separate piece that are just laced on, so a DIY version might be possible.

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  1. devries Says:

    Roach Milk?? I think I will just stick to my Soylent drink. It’s 99.9% bug free. although you do find an occasional hair or finger in it.

  2. Mim Says:

    Hmm. I don’t think that Brighton pub sign is real. However, you can drink at the Devil’s Dyke pub near Brighton – (the rather pretty) Devil’s Dyke valley, legend has it, was dug by the devil in an attempt to flood the area.

  3. devries Says:

    the tavern sign us creepy. Be cool to use in a horror movie or a AD&D game

  4. Jessica Says:

    Mtcoffinz etsy shop does shoe wings. I got some Rainbow Dash ones for my niece for her birthday one year. Really well made!

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