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September 2nd, 2016 by Cobwebs

Lovecraft Movies – IMDB list of movies with a plot by or inspired by Lovecraft.

The Global Werewolf Cultural Divide – A Tumblr thread takes on werewolf problems.

Giant Cockroach Raft – Inflatable raft that allows you to fulfill your dream of swimming around with a giant cockroach. (Everybody has that dream, right?)

The Lost Boys is Being Remade as an Anthology Series for The CW – First the Beetlejuice musical, now this.

Spot Message – This app is being compared to Pokemon Go, except you see dead people. (via pdq)

The Totally Useful Loot Generator – Random loot generator which mixes D&D-esque magic items with low-quality journalism. “You killed the dreaded Dire Chimera! For some reason, it was holding onto‌‌‌‌ ‌‌‌‌a +5 Ectoplasmic Sai that only wants to talk about how Hollywood never does anything but half-assed remakes these days.‌‌‌‌‌‌‌”

Like a Virgin – Happle Tea does Bathory.

Adorable Spiders – A blog of cuteness. They do species identifications, too.

Sabyasachi’s Firdaus Collection – Not exactly goth, but this collection of Indian couture is mind-blowingly detailed.

Goat Story – Horn-shaped coffee mug (with strap), in case you want to look like a Viking in the morning staff meeting.

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  1. Laurie Brown Says:

    Giant cockroach raft!! Must have!

  2. Devriesx Says:

    A friend of mine once told me he keeps seeing dead people, I just told him to be quiet and get back to his job at the morgue.

  3. Devriesx Says:

    I did not know about Bride of the reanimater, although I did see the two sequiles including the one he sews bat wings on to the head of his former teacher, whom he decapitated in the first movie. They were rather silly. There was also a second Dective Lovecraft movie made called “Witch Hunt” that is pretty good. It is about a politician trying to ban all magic.

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