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The Link Dump of Dorian Gray

October 28th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Harry Potter Makeup Brushes – Now you can apply your cosmetics with a wand.

Tiny Hamster is a Zombie – Yet another installment in the Tiny Hamster series. (via pdq)

Ghost Chocolate Cups – Easy, cute party-friendly candies.

Blood Lube – Indiegogo campaign for blood-red personal lubricant. There are so many potential jokes for this that my cerebrum just fused.

Spooky Podcasts – A roundup.

Signal Boost!: From the Darkness, He Boosted – An important message about Goth Awareness.

Diamond Skull Tutorial – This makeup instruction video is magnificent.

Skeleton Flash Drive – This li’l skeleton helpfully holds his skull in his hands when you insert him into a USB port.

DIY Pensieve Punch – Great party idea from EPBOT.

The Disrespectful Summons – Complete text/art of an Edward Gorey poem.

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  1. Devries Says:

    The lube might be counterproductive, many use red as a sign to use more gentle strokes.

  2. Laurie Brown Says:

    Gee, and to think I was happy to go through menopause and get *rid* of bloody lube…

    Re the makeup brushes- a friend and I are both going to try making our own, with E.L.F. brushes and polyclay! Should be much cheaper… well, as much cheaper as any craft project ever is after buying all the shit you need plus half the store that just looks cute.

  3. devries Says:

    Speaking of crafts I am going to make a “Thing In A Jar” for next year

  4. Mim Says:

    More Tiny Hamster! You have just made my day. I love Tiny Hamster.

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