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I Am Link Dump, Hear Me Roar

November 25th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Dracula’s Tango – One-hit wonder Toto Coelo followed up their one hit (“I Eat Cannibals”) with this…thing. Shared with me by Pixel Pixie, with the comment, “I suffered through this, so now you have to too.”

Modern Mimics – The D&D monster disguised as random modern items.

Hey Chickadee! – Some super-cute carved acrylic jewelry with Halloween themes.

Tarot of Cocktails – Deck of Tarot-inspired illustrated cocktail recipe cards.

Guro – NSFW. A look at Japanese “erotic horror” art.

cursed images – A Twitter feed of oddness.

Dyed Bat Embryos – Lovely images of bat embryos with dyed skeletons. They look like something a supervillain would keep as a pet.

Antecedents of Igor – Neat, scholarly history of mad scientists’ assistants.

Mémoires Vives – Short film which follows a man’s journey into the afterlife. (via Spooky Moon)

Anatomical Human Heart – A lovely crotchet pattern.

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  1. Devries Says:

    A few years ago I was watching a ‘Monster of the week’ type show, I forget which one, about a man who was dating a woman who unfortunately for him made a ‘feed me’ pact to a mimmic shaped as her bed.

  2. Devries Says:

    Hope you all had a happy Thanks Giving.

  3. Goth Gardening Says:

    Tarot of Cocktails= YES!

  4. Laurie Brown Says:

    I love the cursed image of the possum wearing a purple wig & wizards hat! But it doesn’t seem very cursed; it’s just cute.

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