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Pretty Link Dumps All in a Row

February 10th, 2017 by Cobwebs

Sarah Duyer – Artist who creates ceramic works like teapots with spider legs.

Banana Slug Mask – Who doesn’t need a banana slug mask?

Lovecraftian Letters – Huge set of magnetic words featuring H.P. Lovecraft’s unique vocabulary.

Arctic Ambience – Ten hours of sounds including frozen ocean, ice cracking, snow falling, icebreaker idling and distant howling wind, recorded on a polar icebreaking vessel.

That time we looked at buying an empty town where a massacre happened – The Bloggess shares a Twitter Moment.

Halloween Wine Charms – Set of Halloween-themed magnetic drink markers. There are a couple of other styles available too: 1, 2.

Dinosaur Park – “the dinosaur park is like a dog park, but cooler” I love the image of the guy feeding the “birds.”

The Mesmerist – Interesting-sounding YA novel about a teenage sham spiritualist who discovers she actually has the ability to speak with the dead. The same author also wrote Hoodoo, about a boy trying to learn to conjure.

Vintage Gothic Dessert Table – Stunning setup for a wedding reception dessert table; it’d be appropriate for any fancy party.

Ronit Baranga – Sculptor who creates weirdly cute demonic babies, dishware with fingers and mouths, and other mildly unsettling stuff. I think Time for Tea is my favorite.

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  1. DEVRIES Says:

    The Artic one sounds cool, there should be a deep woods and a desert one too maybe even a spooky woods one those would be cool

  2. Mim Says:

    I’m pretty sure I will never need a banana slug mask.

    That empty town is really cool-looking. Maybe the ghosts would like some pleasant company.

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