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The Link Dump of the Vanities

August 11th, 2017 by Cobwebs

Join the Search for Geedis – This tickles me in my “obscure, pointless mystery” place.

This Much I Know: Neil Gaiman – A short, very Gaimanesque, interview with the author.

Has the True Identity of Jack the Ripper Been Revealed? – Betteridge’s Law of Headlines states that “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word ‘no’,” and since this article was written to tout an upcoming book it should be taken with a very large grain of salt.

Game of Thrones Beer – Brewery Ommegang has a series of Game of Thrones-themed beers with names like “Fire and Blood” and “Three-Eyed Raven.”

AirBNB Reviews for Castle Dracula – Amusing ‘toon. (via Pixel Pixie)

Funeral Etiquette Every Southerner Should Know – Video of two “etiquette masters” discussing the finer points of American Southern funerals.

False Facts Everyone Believes About the Druids – Interesting article about historical Druids vs. Dungeons & Dragons Druids.

Hookland – Twitter feed with a sort of “Welcome to Scarfolk” vibe. Lots of odd vintage-y photos and strange commentary.

Divining the Future – Merriam-Webster “words at play” article featuring different kinds of divination. (Hat tip to Kitten Herder)

Belzebubs – Entertaining webcomic about a black metal-loving family and their everyday life. There’s a very strong Addams Family-esque “we consider weird things normal” vibe.

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  1. Devries Says:

    I have a personal theorie that in one of the Ripper murders Jack was not alone in the crime. Although I do not feel Jack was not in collusion with HH. Holmes. The timing of the Doubble Ripper murder, the crimes were too far apart and too close together timed that I do not feel could have been done by one person. Holmes was also in the area at the time and was later found to be a more prolific serial killer than ol Jack himself. I feel that HHH killed one of the two victims that night

  2. Devries Says:

    I like the Dracula ABNB

  3. Mim (@crinolinerobot) Says:

    The Maybrick diary first surfaced in the 90s, and its authenticity has been questioned. Interesting that it’s resurfacing again after all this time.

    I don’t think anyone will ever know who Jack was, which is probably for the best. I went to the British Library’s Gothic exhibition a couple of years ago, which as well as first editions of novels, drafts etc. by writers, had the ‘Dear Boss’ letter on show. Though that’s been proved to be a hoax, it was still chilling to see it.

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