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Game of Link Dumps

October 20th, 2017 by Cobwebs

Ava’s Dress – Spooky, evocative illustration done for Inktober.

Animal Guards – This made me giggle.

Cooking Price-Wise – An expanded edition of Vincent Price’s cookbook hast just been released, and includes contributions from his children and some additional recipes from his grandfather.

Stop Buying Dead Bats Online – They’re not ethically sourced and it’s causing environmental havoc.

On Balloons – Some thoughtful pet-rearing advice.

Mash the Patriarchy – Twitter account dedicated to celebrating the history of women brewing beer.

1770s High Wig Tutorial – Tutorial for re-creating an elaborate 1770s hairstyle. The entire Demode site is a great resource for period costuming.

Hellhound Service Animals – Marvelous list of suggestions for making traditionally scary supernatural creatures a little friendlier.

The Glass Hive – Etsy shop specializing in glass boxes and other small glass items. This coffin box is lovely. (via Spooky Moon)

Faith – Extremely creepy “retro” horror game. Free to play.

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  1. Bruno Says:

    A Song of Link and Dumps

  2. DEVRIESX Says:

    Edmond scientific sells (last time I looked) ethically sourced dead bats encased in a clear plastic resin that dissolved all the flesh leaving a slightly discolored area where the flesh once was and its skeleton for about 50 to 150 dollars

  3. Pixel Pixie Says:

    I already have two Vincent Price cookbooks. I’m going to have to have this as a party theme one day.

  4. Mim (@crinolinerobot) Says:

    Ah, I knew the Price cookbook was coming out – I follow one of the bloggers who worked on it. I like to imagine what one of his dinner parties would be like…

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