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Gulliver’s Link Dump

February 9th, 2018 by Cobwebs

Alfred E. Crowley – This made me giggle.

The Price – A proof-of-concept animation for Neil Gaiman’s short story.

Game of Thrones Wine – Wines “inspired” by the series. Fun for a viewing party.

Death and the Dog – If you can read this bittersweet little ‘toon without getting some “dust in your eyes” I don’t want to be your friend.

Ian Malcolm Amigurumi – This is spectacular.

Skull Tie-Dye Shirt – Tutorial for making a surprisingly detailed tie-dye skull T-shirt.

Fighting in Ballgowns – A really great thread on how to fight in a fancy dress.

Dead People Suck – An interview with comedian Laurie Kilmartin, who inadvertently live-tweeted her father’s death and wrote a “guide for survivors of the newly departed.”

Miss Monster – Cool custom masks and other items. I love this panther.

Tortured Candles – Super-easy idea for making creepy Hellraiser-esque candles.

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  1. Mim (@crinolinerobot) Says:

    Death and the dog is so sad… but it would be nice to think animals went on in comfort. I hope Terry Pratchett got it right…

  2. xJane Says:

    I hadn’t read Gaiman’s short story but, as is common with them, it made me cry.

    The GoT Chardonnay and “Red” are meh. But I still have the bottles (and the corks: they’re also GoTy). They’re out of everything but the Pinot Noir and you’d best believe I’m ordering that shit.
    …Lots of paragraph text…–Sucker who also has a tasting set of GoT whiskeys and literally keeps a bottle of Dalwhinnie’s Stark in the freezer.

    That thread on fighting in dresses is excellent. My GoT Ambiguous Lady Stark (I need to read the She Wolves before I settle) I do a fuckin’ warrior pose in and it is sleeveless for baking. It is for sure the dress I would select to fight in. With my mace.

    Okay, the book sounds cool but “inadvertently live-tweeted her father’s death”? This is what I need in my life.

    oh masks!

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