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April 13th, 2018 by Cobwebs

Adopt a HeroRAT – You’ve probably heard of the African pouched rats who have been trained to sniff out landmines and detect diseases like tuberculosis. You can sponsor one and get monthly emails with news about what “your” rat has been up to.

Man-Eating Plant – Tutorial for making a chompy-looking giant carnivorous plant using a foam craft pumpkin as the head.

annieelf – Artist who makes cute polymer clay baby elves, many of which look like vampires or Cthulhu or similar creepy things. (via Spooky Moon)

Bone Dry – Cute stop motion-animated video for The Eels’ new album, done by Anthony Scotts (whose previous work includes Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride). Also I really like the idea of somebody saying, “Get me the best skeleton animator in the world.”

Watermelon Shark – Instructions for carving a watermelon into a shark who helpfully holds fruit salad in his maw.

Kate Clark – This artist sculpts human faces on taxidermy animals. Her artist’s statement says, “They are obviously reconstructed yet they are not monstrous, they are approachable, natural, calm, innocent, dignified.” Uh, no; they are creepy as fuck.

Cemetery Mixtape – Podcast about famous graves, with original songs about them. Tagline: “it’s like unboxing videos, only with graves.” (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Velociprincesses – Laura Cooper, who draws the webcomic XP, has a side project where she draws various Disney princesses (including Star Wars princesses) as velociraptors. The Cinderella one cracked me up.

Persephone – This amusing Twitter thread goes a long way toward explaining the current spring weather.

Deadly Grounds Coffee – Their tagline is “coffee to die for,” insert weary rimshot here.

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  1. KG Says:

    I’m excited to try Cemetery Mixtape. Happy Friday the 13th!

  2. Devriesx Says:

    Speaking of Disney Princesses I can not wait till a Xenomorph Princess or a bunch of them appear on Disney Descendants.

  3. Mim (@crinolinerobot) Says:

    Those human-faced animals are freaky. They remind me of the monkeys in the ‘Where’s Your Head At’ music video.

    Monster plant, on the other hand, is a brilliant idea.

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