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December 14th, 2018 by Cobwebs

Windswept Triple Candelabra – This is one of the most Goreyesque pieces of home decor I’ve ever laid eyes on.

A Swiss Dress from the 16th Century – Build notes for an authentic period costume. (Hat tip to Bruno)

Vivienne Westwood 1994 – A fashion thread of hilarity.

Insect Doll Shadow Boxes – These would be fairly easy to DIY and are creepy as hell.

How to Brine a Turkey by H.P. Lovecraft – Just in time for Christmas dinner!

Krampus – Crochet pattern for a super-cute Krampus dolly.

All I Want for Christmas is Darkness and Dread – Goth up your holiday music selections. (Hat tip to Bruno)

The Huntress – Build notes for a nicely creepy mask.

The Year in Taxidermy – Interesting meditation on personal growth.

Lit Friends – Custom devotional candles featuring your own photo.

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  1. batintheattic Says:

    Missed you last week! Glad you’re back with my much-needed set of gothy links. Those insect doll’s are my favourite of the bunch.

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