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June 28th, 2019 by Cobwebs

Hogwarts Express – This DIY makeover for a child’s bedroom is really clever.

How to Bang your Monster – “A place for monsters/aliens and the people who love to bang them.” (NSFW)

Preya Mask – Crotchet pattern for an insanely detailed “Predator” balaclava.

Paranormal Home Inspectors – I love both the fictional concept and the fact that there’s an actual damn show.

Horror Vanguard – A goth podcast of “leftist politics and horror films.” (Hat tip to Bruno)

Malicious Women Candle Co. – Candles with names like “My Favorite Season Is The Fall Of The Patriarchy” and “Bitches Get Shit Done.” Burn the patriarchy.

Cosplay in America – Tumblr devoted to cosplay culture in the U.S. I sort of love this Lucy and Ethel duo.

The Casebooks Project – “In the decades around 1600, the astrologers Simon Forman and Richard Napier produced one of the largest surviving sets of medical records in history. The Casebooks Project, a team of scholars at the University of Cambridge, has transformed this paper archive into a digital archive.” (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Queen of the Seas – Gorgeous sculpture of a tentacular mermaid.

Plush Mayhem – Etsy shop full of adorable plush critters like nudibranchs and bats.

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  1. xJane Says:

    I have a dog who Platform 9¾s* a curtained area of the house, bursting through with gusto whenever he decides to move from one area to another and I have a new found respect for everyone calmly awaiting their train, needing to keep far away from the actual entrance because newbies or really anyone is liable to burst! through at any moment and with considerable momentum. Have you ever waited on a train platform? The fact that no one has either Platform 9¾ed themselves or any innocent bystander is the real magic, here. Anyway that bed is cute.

    Solid skiing gear, right there. Can you imagine this barreling down the mountain at you?

    I’m pretty sure that Paranormal Home Inspector is what happened when that home inspector went to hell but I’m HERE FOR IT and will be finding it on Netflix forthwith! (by the gods, can I get them a new domain name??) is, as near as I can tell, the exact plot of the first Discovery of Witches book.

    * pronounced “platform nine and three quarterses”
    † pronounced “platform nine and three quartersed”

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