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It’s the Great Link Dump, Charlie Brown

October 31st, 2019 by Cobwebs

It’s Halloween! The best day of the year! Here’s a bonus link dump to celebrate.

Little VVomen – This Little Women/The Witch mashup is wonderful. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Halloween Treats – Amusing ‘toon.

Scaredy Cat – Sweet little comic about a curious kitten and a dark Halloween night. It’s available for purchase as a mini-book.

Halloween Project Archive – A great roundup from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

Horror Inheritance Tropes – In an epic Twitter thread, Captain Awkward tells us how to survive creepy bequests by deceased relatives. (Since the tweet she’s responding to is from a private account, the OP is: “If there’s one thing I have learned from horror movies, it’s that if you have a sick family member who rings a handbell when they need something, you GOTTA throw it the hell out when they die or it will ring itself at terrifying intervals. Send it to a handbell rescue, whatever.”)

What Cannot Follow – A lovely little ghost story.

Witchcraft in Western Iceland – The Rough Guide to Everywhere podcast explores Icelandic folklore. (Hat tip to Bruno)

Flatwoods Monster – This is a pretty great homemade cryptid costume.

Hot Blood – A 70s vampire disco song. Which is a sentence I never expected to type. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Live-Tweeting The Lost Boys – N.K. Jemisin did a re-watch of the 80s classic and tweeted about it.

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  1. Devriesx Says:

    crunchy frogs? Do you at least take the bones out?

    If we took the bones out they would not be crunchy, would they?

  2. Mim Says:

    Wait, people really wear dead people’s makeup?! Hell no. That stuff goes straight in the bin.

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