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July 21st, 2023 by Cobwebs

Control freaks of the world unite no not like that no just give it to me you’re doing it wr

I think you should be able to Trick or Treat when you’re just hungry and forgot to go to the grocery store

like it’s MY fault my love language is acts of service and all i know how to do is kill

It’s a shame Bela Lugosi didn’t live to hear Bela Lugosi’s Dead but I understand why it had to happen in that order

Tweet draft from being awake at 2:00 a.m. while my husband happily snored the night away:
1. Did Lizzie Borden’s dad snore? 2. Did the murders take place during sleeping hours? Because I have a theory.

Imagine being a medium and having to talk to dead people as well as living people. That’s too many people.

“Let my people goth.” – Emoses

Imagine if they took the Statue of Liberty down and found loads of skeletons inside and it turned out the French had just failed a trojan mission.

Dudes always want a goth gf but put zero effort into their Gomez game.

“doctor barbie”
“pastry chef barbie”
where is antiquarian barbie
where is seeker of dark truths barbie
where is hunted occultist barbie

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