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Great Party Invitations

September 22nd, 2009 by Cobwebs

InvitationThe Ghostess took leave of her senses got really ambitious and decided to make little “spell book” invitations for her annual Dead End party. She’s posted a tutorial on how she made them, including information on burning the edges and doing the nice hand-stippling on the covers.

It’s a lot of effort for invitations, but you can’t beat them for style. This would be fantastic invitations for a spooky dinner party or a (small, lest you lose your mind) wedding. As with most of the projects I particularly admire, these lend themselves well to an assembly-line approach, and you can do a bit whenever you have some spare time.

Also check out her main invitations page for previous years’ designs. I especially like 2006, with the little “eye of newt” bottles.

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