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February 28th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Did I say I have a lot of drafts? I have a lot of drafts.

Garage of Evil – This is a resource site designed for “home haunters,” but it’s got a number of gothy project tutorials, including how to cast skulls from plaster and how to make your own toe-pincher coffin.

Three Fates T-shirts – The Anticraft’s collection of T-shirts includes a sly nod to the Greek Fates’ obvious hobby: Sewing! I want the Atropos/She Who Cuts shirt.

Creepy Yarn Sculpture – I don’t know what the hell this is, but it wigs me right out.

Gorgeous Light Fixture – I admit it: If I had the money, I’d be living in a big Dracula-esque castle (only with central heating). And I would decorate exclusively with stuff like this.

Hair Bow Tutorial – Marie has posted a nice guide for making professional-looking hair bows. These would be cute made with novelty Halloween ribbon or decorated with little skull beads instead of plain buttons. (She’s oddly sensitive about the popularity of this tutorial, so if you go visit pretend you’re looking for something else instead.)

Halloween Carnival – Craft Critique did a two-day roundup of spooky projects, including votive covers, pillow boxes, and lots of other neat ideas that could be used for year-round decoration.

The Explorers – Artist Jennifer Zwick does amazing “Constructed Narrative” photographs of children in surreal settings. I love this one and the adventure it implies.

My new favorite tutorial title: How to Make an Axolotl Cake. So many questions!

999 Crafty Haunts – DIY Life has an awesome article about the Haunted Mansions at various Disney parks, along with lots of photos and decorating ideas.

Costco Coffins – Yeah, I didn’t know they did this either.

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  1. Kitten Herder Says:

    Sorry, I must now go and blog about the Costco coffins. That’s just wicked weird.

  2. Pam Says:

    I was going to go look at the Hairbow website for you know who certainly goes through them. But then I read the warning and I am not a good enough liar to fake looking for something else :-)

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