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Skull Flowers

May 31st, 2010 by Cobwebs

Skull FlowersHere’s a cute idea from the Cut Out and Keep forum: Flowers with skull centers.

The instructions are a bit on the minimal side (for instance, the crafter mentions glazing the petals but doesn’t specify with what), but they’re a great jumping-off point for something similar. The little clay skulls look like they’d be pretty easy to model, but if you’re completely hopeless with sculpting you could use novelty buttons or some other lightweight plastic skull. You’d probably want to choose a skull shape that’s reasonably flat and roundish rather than oval, to better mimic the central disk of the flower.

Paint, seal, glue a circle of petals to the back, and you’ve got a flower with a cute little skull peering out at you. These would be great on a barrette or worn as a brooch. If you’re so inclined, you could also make little teensy ones and affix them to the heads of thumbtacks to make some extremely arresting pushpins.

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  1. Jinx Says:

    Actually, this is NOT the original project but a rather profane remake. Search Cutout&Keep for “Skullflowers”, this one also has the “real deal” tutorial.

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