Shadow Manor 
About the Manor
Shadow Manor was born out of a love for life's darker jewels. We are devoted to high-quality, affordable products for bath, body, and home...with an eerie, elegant twist. Our bath products are hand-made in small batches to ensure quality. Our clothing, accessories, and boudoir dressings conjour a feeling of timeless antiquity and dark exoticism. Come into the Manor and join our mysterious masked ball; you'll never want to leave.

Bath Products
Each of our products was created because nothing of its quality was commercially available. Our formulations are derived from a love of luxury and pure, unadulterated ingredients. Skin absorbs much more than we realize and most commercial body care products contain dozens of chemicals that may or may not be safe. Our call for "human" friendly products is answered here.

Our quilts are hand-made using quality materials. Unless otherwise noted, patchwork quilt tops and backing are 100% cotton. Like the hero in a romance novel, cotton is strong yet soft. It will stand up to everyday use and repeated cleaning, and is at home in both casual and elegant surroundings. Our "luxe" quilts use a variety of materials, all carefully chosen for maximum decadence.

Both types of quilts use polyester or poly-cotton batting: It provides extra loft (puffiness), it's non-allergenic, and it doesn't clump up after repeated washings. For custom quilts, 100% cotton batting can be substituted for $150 extra. Anchoring cotton batting to prevent clumping is significantly more labor-intensive.

Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to combine a love of the darker things in life with a commitment to pure ingredients and environmentally ethical practices. We want to offer tasteful d├ęcor, luxurious accessories, and effective bath and body solutions, all with a Gothick twist. Think of us as Bed, Bath, and Beyond...the Grave.*

Our Staff
Our products are the work of devoted artisans who see no reason why Halloween shouldn't be celebrated every day. Let us show you our world.

Cobwebs Cobwebs learned traditional soapmaking techniques at her grandmother's knee, and has always nurtured a strong interest in "lost arts" such as quilting and traditional crafts.

Shadow Jack Shadow Jack has a keen eye for unusual accessories and creates darkly inspired combinations of fabrics.

Bug Bug provides inspiration, and drool.

*Shadow Manor is in no way associated with Bed, Bath and Beyond, and I'm sure we both prefer it that way.