The Art of Darkness

The Link Dump Who Would Be King

January 24th, 2020 by Cobwebs

From Dracula to The Historian – A look at five Gothic novels which reflected the anxieties of their age.

EDF – The Necronomicon – A briefing video from the Eldritch Defense Force. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

If you hear weird noises in the night – A short, amusing Tumblr exchange.

The Beauty of Human Decomposition in Japanese Watercolor – Vintage Japanese watercolor makes even decomp look fancy. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

White Snake – Lovely snake skeleton made from lace.

Swords – A D&D-themed webcomic.

Sabrina Makeup Palette – NYX Cosmetics is launching a makeup kit inspired by Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Butterfly and Moth Sculptures – Artist Yumi Okita makes lovely oversized moths and butterflies.

Why Mary Shelley Was History’s Greatest Goth Queen – You will never be as goth as Mary Shelley.

Antler Guy – A lovely fic about the adventures of a demon in suburbia.

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A Connecticut Link Dump in King Arthur’s Court

January 17th, 2020 by Cobwebs

Bats – An excellent modification to Lizzo’s “Boys.”

Horror Fiction in the 20th Century – A scholarly tome about the development of the genre. The author talks about it here.

Don’t Date Vampires – This thread makes some valid points.

The Thing That Hides in Your Home – A guide to where in your home The Thing might be lurking.

Fire and Bone – Gorgeously detailed miniature metal animal skulls, suitable for wearing as jewelry or for display. The inestimable Pixel Pixie gifted me with a couple of these and I can attest to their loveliness.

Become a Sealand Noble – The Principality of Sealand sells titles: For a mere $45US you can become a Lord, Lady, Baron or Baroness. Pricier options include Count/Countess, Duke/Duchess, and Sir/Dame (Knighthood).

Vultures – An appreciation thread.

Microorganism Puppets – The tardigrade is kind of cute. The bacteriophage is fucking horrifying.

Greg the Gargoyle – Whimsical little ficlet about an office building with gargoyles.

Artful Ashes – This company swirls cremation remains into decorative glass tchotchkes.

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Seen Online

January 14th, 2020 by Cobwebs

Happy Anagram Day to all who obverse.

Concept: an exorcist who doesn’t actually have any holy powers, they’re just really socially awkward, and the ghosts become uncomfortable and leave.

Shout out to the clerk at Strand who looked at the cookbook I was buying, looked at the book on poison I was also buying, paused, and asked if I had big weekend plans.

My (35m) best friend (45m) wants me to come enjoy his latest experiment, but I said no. I’m swamped – I have my country’s 500 anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and my rival country to blame for it. AITA?

Story: Cats have nine lives, but don’t know where to keep them. Mouse holes? Beneath the couch? Nine is a lot to keep track of. Most desiccate with lost super balls behind the fridge. Mary found one during spring cleaning once. She likes being a cat.

Abolish valentines day and replace it with winter halloween

i think its fucked up that things are venomous. if a spider wants me dead it should have to eat me like a man

If you’re feeling worried about how little you’ve achieved, remember that Bram Stoker didn’t write Dracula until he was 50, and Dracula didn’t kill anyone until he was dead.

house hunters but literally

presenter: today we’re dealing with two detatched properties and a feral bungalow at the end of a cul-de-sac *cheerfully cocks shotgun* let’s get started!


Hieronymus Bob
(via Pixel Pixie)

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The Link Dump With Two Brains

January 10th, 2020 by Cobwebs

Night Spirit Studio – Etsy shop full of gothic cross-stitch patterns. I especially like the plague doctor.

Boleskine Rocks for Sale – You can own a piece of Aleister Crowley’s house. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Cthulhu Summer – Neil Gaiman answers a Tumblr ask.

Fruit Bat Quarter – The U.S. Mint is producing a quarter with a fruit bat on the back and I believe I will pay for everything with quarters from now on.

Im at a bar right now and a bunch of RPG heroes just walked in – A Twitter thread of greatness.

Pirate, Punk, and Other Skull Motif Knitting Patterns – A roundup. (via xJane)

Humans Mimicking Mermaids – I sort of love the idea that real mermaids would be spooked.

Not a Deer – Discussion about an Appalachian cryptid. “It was a deer in the way that a graveyard is a playground” is an absolutely dynamite line.

Cassius Warrington – As a proud Slytherin,* I am happy to headcanon this discussion of what might have happened if Cedric Diggory hadn’t been the Hogwarts champion in the Triwizard Tournament.

if two people sleep in a bunk bed do they have to share a monster – This Tumblr thread goes places.

*TERFS fuck off.

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Seen Online

January 7th, 2020 by Cobwebs

I love how Satanic cults in movies always speak in Latin as if Satan had been around for billions of years, encountered the Romans, and then was like “damn this language is IT y’all hell yeah im writing ALL my contracts with this bad boy”

ghosts are so funny. they’re people who were just like “actually, fuck dying” and decided to cause problems on purpose for the rest of everyone else’s lives. goals tbh.

Charlie Brown is an adult now. Snoopy is merely a security question.

To kill a French Vampire you need to drive a baguette through its heart. Sounds easy but the process is painstaking.

dear santa,
i have been nice all year. please use one of your limited christmas miracles to make vampires real. you will not have to bring me any presents on any subsequent years because i do not plan on remaining on the nice list after you make good on this

Of course I have body issues, I can’t explode into a thousand bats.

CLERIC: prepare to die, monster. your days of hunting the innocent are over
VAMPIRE: lol no-one “hunts” people anymore
VICTIM (muffled through gag): bite me vladdy
VAMPIRE (cracks riding crop): freely given consent is the cornerstone of safe BDSM. safeword is “garlic”

My kids asked why we don’t have an Elf on the Shelf, and I used that meme, “You don’t bargain with the fey, and you don’t invite them into the house.” My younger boys laughed, but my 12yo gave me big eyes and said, “Wait. Are you serious?” Now I want to know what he’s let in.

Sometimes I look at accounts and media that glamorize weddings and I feel like some women only want to get married to wear a pretty dress, and that makes me sad. You can just as easily get to wear pretty dresses by pledging your soul to Black Phillip

You’d better not shout
You’d better not cry
You’d better watch out
I’m telling you why
The creatures are blind but their hearing is incredibly acute, as is their sense of smell. And they’re hungry. So hungry…

lovecraft: so yeah so this monster looks super fucked
reader: oh man how fucked
lovecraft: you know
reader: i truly do not. give me a description???
lovecraft: ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

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The Link Dump and Sixpence

January 3rd, 2020 by Cobwebs

These Deathless Bones – Pleasantly creepy short story by Cassandra Khaw. CW for animal cruelty.

1 like = 1 fact about the child you can only see out of the corner of your left eye – A Twitter thread of greatness.

I Am a Bride – Short werewolf comic.

Vault of the Wordmonger – Unusual short story “set in a damaged future world where words – locked away for years – are only just starting to re-emerge from deep below the earth.” (Hat tip to Bruno)

The Witches Moon – Monthly subscription box of spells, herbs, crystals, altar items, and similar items for “the authentic witch.”

WitchyStitcher – Lots of fun, creepy cross-stitch patterns.

A Christmas Carol – The 1971 animated version of Dickens’ classic. (Hat tip to DevriesX)

Zodiac Witches Hat – Cute series of illustrations, also available as acrylic charms.

a Christmas movie I want to see – I would watch the hell out of this.

Star Wars / Labyrinth Crossover Comic – This makes an excellent point. (via Pixel Pixie)

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Silent Link Dump

December 20th, 2019 by Cobwebs

Live-Tweeting Carmilla – @xoDrVenture, who live-tweeted Dracula, is back with another classic. “Also Sheridan Le Fanu if you don’t give this girl a fucking name I will major in particle physics solely to go back in time and beat your ass”

Lucasfilm Developing a Willow TV Series – :::rending garments::: Nooooooo……

Conjuror’s Catalog – Kickstarter to reprint an 1899 catalog of magician’s illusions, tricks & stage props. (Hat tip to Bruno)

Prozo Books – Etsy shop full of lovely handmade journals with intricate, spooky covers. The bat is my favorite.

Professor Minerva McGonagall’s Letter to the Tenure Committee – This woman deserves tenure.

Vampire Weaknesses – Amusing Tumblr post.

hello friend. could you draw a ghoul – Iguanamouth answers an ask.

luluandGlass – Etsy shop specializing in stained glass items, including coffin-shaped trinket boxes.

Draculas – We really need to take Dracula ecology more seriously for the sake of the environment.

Hardback Reading Lamp – DIY project for turning a hardback book into a bedside reading lamp. If you’ve loved a book to death until its pages are falling out, this is a neat way to breathe new life into the cover.

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Have a Holly Jolly Link Dump

December 13th, 2019 by Cobwebs

Random Joke Magic Items – Some fantastic ideas for novelty items to add to a D&D campaign.

There’s Nothing Scarier Than a Hungry Woman – Interesting essay about how the act of women eating in horror movies is either empowering or horrifying depending on the audience it’s presented to.

We’re the Husbands from Every Haunted House Movie, and We Think You’re Just Not Giving Our New Home a Chance – Accurate.

Valley Ghouls – “Valley Ghouls is a comic about living in LA, dealing with monsters, and love. Mostly the last part.”

Lane Cramblin, Country Singer – I like the idea of country songs about cryptids.

Hellhounds – A wonderful list of hellhound breeds.

The School Field Trip – Amusing ‘toon.

The Bride’s Guide to a Lucid Dream Wedding – The “language of flowers” from an alternate universe where Cthulhu definitely exists.

H.P. Lovecraft Insurance – An amusing short video. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Medieval Meals – Modest cookbook/manners guide for those days when you want to eat like a 12th Century English peasant.

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Seen Online

December 10th, 2019 by Cobwebs

Inside of you there are two wolves. That’s nowhere near enough wolves to sustain the population, so we’re starting a reintroduction program. Open wide, please.

one time someone said pavlov probably thought about feeding his dogs every time he heard someone ring a bell and i haven’t been the same since

These 3 ghosts keep trying to teach me the meaning of Christmas in the middle of the night which pisses me off because it’s like, okay this could have been an email 🙄

Sure, I miss grandma. But she’s up there protecting us.
*looks up to the sky where my grandma is in a jet fighting aliens*

All right, folks – it’s time for this year’s Secret Satan! You know the drill: pick a sin from the hat on the left and a name from the hat on the right. You have thirty days to tempt your assigned victim to commit your assigned sin – or else!

could u imagine if ppl talked about catholicism the same way they talked about like… indigenous ppl’s religions….

girl in horror movie holding a bible open: “according to legend, a mob tortured a half-man, half-god, and nailed him to a wooden cross, leaving him to starve to death. But days later, on this very night, they found he had clawed his way out of the grave. Now those who believe lie in wait for him to rise again, To honour him, they have weekly gatherings where they chant and sing, and at the end of it they eat his flesh and blood.”

girl’s friend: “wow.. thats so creepy…”

horror movie jock: “it’s only a myth, don’t worry”


Give her what she really wants this holiday season: equal pay & an ancient hell wolf.

The earliest cephalopods date back to the Cambrian period. They predate trees and land plants. So, the Earth knew tentacles before it knew leaves. Anyway, sweet dreams.

how long has it been since James Cameron went to the sea floor and something that claims to be James Cameron came back up

lovecraft protagonist: “it was squamous…undulating…plastic…a chaotic madness of flesh….rugose and viscous….IMPOSSIBLE TO DESCRIBE”

Buddy you just did. It’s called a blob. You just described it like an asshole would.


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Link Dumps in the Mist

December 6th, 2019 by Cobwebs

Dear Satan – Animated short film, narrated by Patrick Stewart, about a girl who accidentally writes a letter to Satan instead of Santa.

#ourgeneration horror stories – “The car won’t start. They call an Uber.”

My Arch-Nemesis Cynthia – Compelling bit of short fiction.

Horror Movies for Dogs – This ‘toon is remarkably accurate. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Apocalyptica – Tumblr thread about a bunch of different armageddon scenarios happening all at once and canceling each other out.

Slaw & Order – This isn’t even faintly goth, but if you appreciate cast iron cookware it’s pretty funny.

Brain Hat – Knitting pattern for a startlingly realistic-looking brain hat.

If the Crows Love You – A lovely, evocative image.

Staircase Remodel – I’ve seen stair risers painted as book covers before, but this one is very nicely done.

The Apocalypse of St. Johnny Cash – A disquisition on how Johnny Cash’s music meets the definition of “Apocalyptic Literature.” (Hat tip to Bruno)

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