The Art of Darkness

The Link Dump of Edwin Drood

January 4th, 2019 by Cobwebs

Necronomicon Plush Cushion – This is certainly a…unique…accent piece. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Universal Horror – Nicely creepy short story.

Hair Skull – I’m not sure how much gel would be required to hold the curves in place, but this hairstyle is pretty cool.

Lace Cement Votive – Interesting DIY votive.

Inferno – Super-neat interactive map of Dante’s Inferno. (Hat tip to Bruno)

Pictures Of Saint Margaret of Antioch Where The Dragon Seems Like a Mild Inconvenience at Worst, A Beloved But Naughty Household Pet at Best – A thread of greatness.

Roly Poly Pill Bug – Knitting pattern for an adorably cuddly wood louse.

In the Late December – A sweetly hopeful story at the heat death of the universe.

Victorian Cannibalism – Interesting thread on how cannibalism was just one of those expected things for Victorian sailors, and how that finally changed.

Two Girls One Ghost – A horror comedy podcast in which “Best friends bonded by their paranormal experiences…recount their contact with the other side, tell each other ghost stories and invite listeners to join in on the fun.” (Hat tip to Bruno)

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Seen Online

December 25th, 2018 by Cobwebs

Well the weather outside is frightful
But inside is equally frightful
No matter which room you go
Full of crows
Full of crows
Full of crows

why do ghosts and demons respond to fake Latin chanting?
because they don’t speak Latin either
they just go along with it because they have social anxiety

It’s actually only “Frankenstein” if it’s created in the Frankenstein region of France. Otherwise, it’s a sparkling monster.

ghostbusters are always like who are you gunna call? ghostbusters! but it’s hard enough to call the doctor’s office i’m not gunna call the ghostbusters i’d just live with a ghost in my house forever
who you gunna call? no one i have anxiety

I love candles. They let us take an ancient, devouring force of nature that’s older than life and stick it in a little jar on the shelf. A candle is essentially a tiny, adorable pet god.

Kid: Santa, what’s the story of your reindeer names?
Santa: Why I name them after memories, like Prancer frolicking through the snow!
Kid: What about Donner?
*a dark countenance settles on Santa’s face*
Santa: the year was 1847, snowfall had trapped us in the Sierra Nevada-

When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he was like ha ha damn, good job, me. Good job at all the successful conquering, Alex. And being very handsome also

the funniest vampire bullshit will forever be some vampire lamenting having to kill while theyre actively killing and monologuing like “truly, I am the most hated creature in god’s narrowed eye, the new modern prometheus, my purpose an eternal question, my existence a curse. is there a single person, even a fleeting thought, that has ever spent a moment beneath the same moon as I while feeling this unique pain? Pity me, world, for no one now is as miserable as I”

and the dude literally bleeding to death in the vampire’s arms, they never get a line, but if they did, it would probably be “okay now hold up if this is a contest about who’s having the worse fucking night,”


“Whats UP YOUTUBE! Today we gonna do another Unboxing Video!”
*a shovel in hand, I enter the Graveyard*

I wish other holidays had traditions like mistletoe. I want two people standing under a dead bat on Halloween to get cursed together.

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Link Dump on 34th Street

December 21st, 2018 by Cobwebs

Tales From The Stitch – “I watch horror movies then I crochet those horror movies”

Yes, Virginia, there is a Cthulhu – Heartwarming.

The Epiplectic Bicycle – Short stop-motion film based on a story by Edward Gorey. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Creepy Christmas Film Festival – An advent calendar of short horror films.

The One Where… – A marvelous thread of creepy “alternate” Friends episodes.

Ethereal Dreams – A “gothic Christmas” music mix.

Tormented Artifacts – Custom leather accessories, steampunk impedimenta, masks, props, and other cool stuff.

HorrorNaments – Christmas ornaments depicting things like bloody axes and vampire bats.

Creepbay – “Creepy and cool online shopping.” (Hat tip to Bruno)

Edgar Allan Poe’s A Cryptmas Carol – This is my kind of holiday video. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

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Link Dumps We Have Heard on High

December 14th, 2018 by Cobwebs

Windswept Triple Candelabra – This is one of the most Goreyesque pieces of home decor I’ve ever laid eyes on.

A Swiss Dress from the 16th Century – Build notes for an authentic period costume. (Hat tip to Bruno)

Vivienne Westwood 1994 – A fashion thread of hilarity.

Insect Doll Shadow Boxes – These would be fairly easy to DIY and are creepy as hell.

How to Brine a Turkey by H.P. Lovecraft – Just in time for Christmas dinner!

Krampus – Crochet pattern for a super-cute Krampus dolly.

All I Want for Christmas is Darkness and Dread – Goth up your holiday music selections. (Hat tip to Bruno)

The Huntress – Build notes for a nicely creepy mask.

The Year in Taxidermy – Interesting meditation on personal growth.

Lit Friends – Custom devotional candles featuring your own photo.

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I Saw Three Link Dumps

November 30th, 2018 by Cobwebs

Dating Ghosts – Another Chuck Wendig/Sam Sykes thread of greatness.

Southern Weather Discovery – You can pore through historical logbooks from Antarctic sledging expeditions and ship voyages and help climate scientists at the same time.

Rogue Taxidermy – There’s a woman-led art scene which produces pieces resembling what would happen “if Disneyland and a natural history museum got together.” (Hat tip to Cat)

The Lady Hero’s Journey – This McSweeney’s piece is all too accurate.

The extraordinary life and death of the world’s oldest known spider – This article about a 43-year-old spider is fascinating. (Hat tip to Bruno)

Color in Elizabethan Dress – A list of the names of cloth colors commonly used in the 16th and early 17th centuries. Goose Turd Green sounds particularly accurate.

The Hidden Message of ‘Addams Family Values’ – An interview with some of the cast.

Monster Rap – I had no idea that Bobby “Boris” Pickett had attempted to parlay his hit with “Monster Mash” into an entire career. This is quite a thing. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

She Still Loves the Dragon – Odd, melancholy short story by Elizabeth Bear.

Welcome to the Witch Capital of Norway – Interesting article about Vardø, Norway (linked through MetaFilter for the comments). (Hat tip to Bruno)

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Seen Online

November 27th, 2018 by Cobwebs

THERAPIST: did you work on communication
1ST CERBERUS HEAD: they won’t share the ball
2ND: i want the ball
3RD: i would also like the ball

Ruined my day by realizing that the song Monster Mash is about a song called the Monster Mash and we’ve never actually heard that song.

nasa employee: oh hey u guys are back early
astronaut: moon’s haunted
nasa employee: what?
astronaut: *loading a pistol and getting back on the rocket-ship* moon’s haunted

– Parallel parking my time machine

Y’all ever flex on vampires by just walking into people’s homes uninvited

The veil is thin here. It’s thin everywhere. Of course it’s fucking thin. Who ever heard of a thick veil? That shit’s lightweight, even sheer.

Like, shit, Agatha. There’s a reason they don’t call it “the down comforter between worlds”.


Me: *destroys spider web
Spider: wow
Me: *puts up fake spider web
Spider: WOW

Me: So Christ’s body is the bread?
Priest: yes
Me: and he rose from the grave
Priest: yes…
Me: because of the yeast?
Priest: no
Me: okay, none of this makes sense

me with a tarot deck: i activate the hanged man’s special ability. this lets me draw the devil from my deck into my hand. next, i sacrifice the hanged man in order to summon death. with death on my field, the effect of my tower spell card lets me summon the devil from my hand,

People always throwing cursed objects into the sea hello, no that is how you get haunted sharks

When one door closes, lock it securely, along with all your other doors, before any inspirational quotes get in.

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Link Dumps

November 23rd, 2018 by Cobwebs

Beetle Coin Pouch – Cute little coin purses shaped like Stag and Hercules Beetles.

The Bela Session – Full release of Bauhaus’ first studio session from January 26 1979, where “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.” (Hat tip to Bruno)

Moth Couples Costume – This is pretty great.

10 Scary Short Stories You Can Read Online Now – A roundup.

The Silence Under Your Bed – Interactive horror anthology about “the strange, the spooky, the macabre.”

Stanley – This adorable little skeleton (and friends) by heathersketcheroos is charming. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

ABCs of D&D – Cute children’s book for teaching the alphabet. There’s also 123s of D&D to teach numbers.

Skin Like Porcelain Death – A nicely creepy short story involving porcelain dolls.

Someone write me a book… – I would absolutely read this book.

I Scream Sundae – This DIY costume is amazing. (Hat tip to Empress Pam)

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This Year’s Costumes

November 20th, 2018 by Cobwebs

Duo 1I’m a little late with the annual costume recap this time; my apologies to everyone who awaits the yearly post with great anticipation. (That’s all of you, right?)

This year Shadowboy and his friend jumped on the Steampunk bandwagon, which was fine with me…until I got to the welted pockets. I’ve been inching toward the line between “costume” and “bespoke tailoring” for a while now, and this time I vaulted clean over it.

The only parts of Shadowboy’s costume currently made by me were the vest and coat; since this is an ensemble he intends to use beyond just a single Halloween I plan to eventually make a shirt and trousers that are slightly more period-appropriate, but I didn’t have time before the big day.* The coat was Simplicity 2581 and the vest was Simplicity 2895. They had six welted pockets between them, and I don’t think that in this space I have ever adequately expressed the white-hot hatred I have for welted pockets but believe me, it is a lot. (This was compounded by the directions for 2895 being so inaccurate as to be nonsensical, so beware if you use that pattern.)

Since he does intend to wear the costume a lot I was also willing to splurge a little on accessories: A bow tie with neat little metallic points, the gear that shows up in all steampunk costumes as though required by federal law in the form of an earring, a spiffy top hat, and goggles. Those were joined by a cane, boots, and gauntlets we already had.

His friend’s costume consisted of jodhpurs from Butterick B6433 (not too complicated except for the nine bazillion buttons festooning the legs); a somewhat-modified Butterick 4049 (I did mostly View A, but instead of criss-cross lace on the front panel I used an elaborate pintuck fabric that unfortunately does not show up well in photos; I also added lace to the collar); and the half corset from Simplicity 1558, the other costume piece that made me consider giving up sewing to pursue a more stress-free hobby like naked lion taming. One of the suggested fabrics for the corset is “synthetic leather,” which is what I used, but apparently the subtext is, “synthetic leather that is as thin as muslin” because there is no way some of the directions work any other way. In particular, the shoulder straps and front tabs are all supposed to made of two pieces, sewn with right sides together and then turned. Um, no. I just turned under the raw edges of a single piece and edge-stitched them. (My doughty sewing machine didn’t really appreciate my foray into synthetic leather either.) The directions also call for “buckles” of a particular size without noting that the straps specifically require center bar rather than heel bar buckles. Fortunately I was able to find what I needed online from Buckle Guy.

Her accessories were mainly procured by her aunt so I can’t provide sources on those, but I did supply the fingerless gloves.

For all my whining, I was quite pleased with the final results. The costumes looked good and the photo shoot turned out really well: The kids look like a gentleman crime-fighter and his trusty pint-sized sidekick. (Shadowboy and his friend are only six months apart in age, and every year their size discrepancy gets more and more hilarious.)

The photos:

Boy 1
Boy 2

Girl 1

Duo 1
Duo 2

*I sewed the final buttons on his coat five minutes before the party he was supposed to wear it to started. These outfits damn near broke me.

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A Link Dump to Remember

November 16th, 2018 by Cobwebs

Local Haunts – Kickstarter for an anthology of comics featuring “small town legends, family ghost stories, and fears that span across cultures.” (Hat tip to Bruno)

Helpful Ghost – This Twitter thread is charming.

The Absinthe Enthusiasts Hiding Bottles in the Swiss Woods – I sort of love the idea of geocached absinthe. (Hat tip to Kitten Herder)

Edgar Allan Poe Votive Candle – Devotional candles featuring secular icons are a bit overdone these days, but the ones by this company are very nice.

Bread and Milk and Salt – Sarah Gailey writes very creepy stories.

The Pumpkin Came at Midnight – Subtitle: “An Erotic Abduction.” This short work of fiction is apparently what the Great Pumpkin gets up to in his off hours. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

The recipient of all those letters about Frankenstein writes back – Alexandra Petri tweeted, “just once I want to read the letter that the epistolary horror novel framing device guy gets BACK after sending 100 pages of nested narratives to his bewildered sister” and then followed up with a column imagining just that.

Adapted Austen – This thread of animal photos with Jane Austen quotes is much funnier than it should be.

Exploring Victorian London – Some amazing resources. (Hat tip to Bruno)

The Curious Case of LoLo Moreno – Award-winning short horror film.

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The Best Little Link Dump in Texas

November 9th, 2018 by Cobwebs

Lost Film Adaptation of The Tell-Tale Heart Discovered – A long-lost, intact copy of the short film was discovered in an attic. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

The Books That Made Dracula – Bram Stoker’s reference materials for Dracula have been found at the London Library, complete with notes he made.

Top 10 HallowSCREAM BOOvies – A YouTube watchlist. (Hat tip to Bruno)

Inktober 2018 – For this year’s #inktober artistic challenge, @genicecream polled followers on what details to add to a cozily spooky house.

What We Do in the Shadows Promo Spots – FX is launching a series based on the mockumentary of the same name. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

The Rose MacGregor Drinking and Admiration Society – A while back the estimable Ursula Vernon speculated about a human maiden who dallied with fae men and didn’t pine away afterwards. Then she wrote this amusing short story about it.

This is the Church You Go To – A hilarious thread of church architecture. (Hat tip to Bruno)

Dress Up for Halloween, Medieval Style – The British Library’s Medieval Manuscripts blog has some tips.

Cauldron Cake – This is one of those decorating ideas that looks like it might be juuuuust within the realm of possibility for someone who isn’t a professional baker, but will probably end in tears for most of us. There’s a short “making of” video here. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

A Few Small Haunted Houses – This artwork is wonderfully evocative.

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