The Art of Darkness

The Link Dump of Eleanor Rigby

December 19th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Talking to the Dead Prank – “Professional” prankster Jack Vale managed to convince people that their own cell phones were communicating with the dead.

Encyclopedia Gothica – A guide to goth vernacular, “from absinthe to zombies.”

DIY Floating Candles – EPBOT has a great tutorial for making Harry Potter-inspired “floating candles.”

Searching for Krampus – Interesting article on the Old World roots of Krampus, plus his growing popularity elsewhere.

Black Lullaby – Joshua Hoffine, known for his excellent horror photography, has branched out with a film.

Hades Comics – Amusement from Happle Tea. There’s another one here.

New Wave Tarot – Amusing tarot deck featuring artists like Siouxsie Sioux, Peter Murphy, and David Bowie.

Meatloaf of Rat – I don’t usually pay much attention to food designed to look disgusting, but I sort of love the bug-eyed look on this rat’s face.

here’s that bad advice you were hoping for – Carefully-curated scathing advice column responses.

Majestic Owls – Owls don’t get enough love on this here blog; time to remedy that. Here’s a lovely roundup of photos of owls, plus a bonus link of an owl swimming. (Hat tip to Kaitlin Michelle)

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Egad! It’s Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 5

December 12th, 2014 by Cobwebs

This concludes yet another Link Dump Explosion. Regular posting (and once-a-week Link Dumps) return Monday.

Cthulhu Wedding Cake – Pretty design with lotsa tentacles.

Ethereal Dreams – A “gothic Christmas” music mix.

Little Brown Bat Plush – Sweet little stuffed bat to cuddle. The same manufacturer also has a vampire bat, a tarantula, and a vulture.

It to be a Movie – After years in development, a big-screen version of Stephen King’s It is set to start production next spring. It’s apparently planned as a pair of movies, one following the children’s lives and how they come to know Pennywise, and the other detailing the kids as adults, still fighting him.

Hades Footwear – All kinds of spiky, steampunky, weird-looking shoes, including some very goth sneakers.

Aztec Death Whistle – I can definitely see how a bunch of warriors blowing on these before heading into battle would cause some psychological trauma for their opponents. Also soiled undergarments.

Moss Graffiti – It’s pretty common to use a slurry of moss and yogurt to give flowerpots and lawn ornaments a rustic overgrown look, but I’d never thought about painting it on walls. This is a really neat idea.

Chocolate Spider Web Drinks – Cute edible drink garnishes (chocolate martinis for the grownups, and chocolate milk for the kids).

Le Heart Design – Amazing ethical mouse taxidermy. You can see a piece that the artist did for The Bloggess here.

Molt – Neat short video of a tarantula molting. Watch with the sound off because the soundtrack is really irritating.

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Egad! It’s Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 4

December 11th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Cthulhu’s Pizza Kitchen – Amusing faux commercial.

Literary Christmas Ghost Stories – A few vintage selections, including a couple by Charles Dickens.

Monster Cocktail Stirrers – Great-looking drink decorations made from candy.

The Creature Vault – New book of concept art for the Harry Potter movies. A few of the images can be seen here.

Nobody Bought the Tiffany Bat Lamp – Short article about bats in Art Nouveau design, mentioned here not only for the gorgeous lamp of the title, but also for a couple of other lovely pieces like this Lalique necklace.

The Bourbon Legends – “They’re like urban legends…only drunker.”

The New Annotated H. P. Lovecraft – Big ol’ book of eldritch horrors, with introduction by Alan Moore.

Deathmøle – Jeph Jacques’ “fictional band that makes actual music” with song titles like “Fifty Goddamn Skeleton Warriors.”

Gardening for Bats – Short video discussing “wildlife gardening” with the aim of attracting bats.

Notes on a Case of Melancholia – Perry Bible Fellowship creator Nicholas Gurewitch has a Kickstarter for a great-looking Gorey-inspired picture book about Death’s despair that his son doesn’t want to continue the family business.

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Egad! It’s Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 3

December 10th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Ultimate Beetlejuice Costume – This completely over-the-top costume not only includes a sandworm puppet, it also features the Maitland’s entire house.

Domsai – These anthropomorphic terrariums are pricey, but really interesting.

Cthulhumas Wreath Creature – This is a pretty neat tentacle-y wreath.

Middle of Beyond – Lots of great holiday merchandise like Cthulhu Christmas sweaters, Krampus knit scarves, and Baphomet glass ornaments. (via Burning Prairie)

Mari Lwyd – Welsh Christmas/New Year tradition involving a horse’s skull. This would be way more fun than caroling.

10 Real-Life Laws That Regulate The Supernatural World – It somehow doesn’t surprise me that Texas is exorcism-friendly.

Raven Hand Puppet – I want to snorgle his fluffy feathers. There’s also a smaller finger puppet version.

Little Bat – Ridiculously adorable art print of a sweet little hanging bat. This would be perfect for a child’s room.

Skull Necklace – This “pearl necklace” made of little skulls is gorgeous. (Hat tip to xJane)

Scorpion Chair – Amazing wooden chair. I’m not sure how comfortable it would be to sit in, but it’s got all kinds of style.

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Egad! It’s Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 2

December 9th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Bronze Age – This vareigated yarn by Zen Yarn Garden is the very essence of Halloween. (via Burning Prairie)

Love Manor’s Flickr Photostream – All kinds of fantastic ideas for spooky decorating and entertaining. In particular check out their album of potion labels and other printables.

“Jaws” Necklace – Clever necklace design which mimics the iconic movie poster.

My dead girlfriend keeps messaging me on Facebook – A great bit of realistic horror fiction from Reddit’s NoSleep.

Sick Roses – Interesting interview with Richard Barnett, who’s written a book on disease and the art of medical illustration.

Dark Literary Classics Calendar – Neat calendar featuring works like Macbeth and “The Yellow Wallpaper.”

Christmas Comes Early to Pottermore – J.K. Rowling has announced that she’ll release 12 Harry Potter stories this month, beginning on Friday.

Corporate Spirit – Peculiar stock photography, many with captions.

Saint Gomez and Morticia Addams – This set of prayer candles featuring “the patron saints of Eternal Love” almost makes me want to convert. The seller also has Saint Elvira, Saint Jareth, and a lot of other great designs.

Animated Christmas Cards by Terry Gilliam – These Pythonesque cards are awesome.

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Egad! It’s Another Week of Link Dumps

December 8th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Y’know, I swear I do things besides surf the web all day finding links for your amusement, but you’d never know it to look at my Drafts folder. So you guys get another full week of link dumps. Egad.

Vampire Vodka – Easy DIY for making homemade cherry vodka. There’s even a downloadable label.

Rupert Giles, MLS – “Course List for Rupert Giles, Master of Library Sciences Candidate, Michaelmas Term 1982″

#RejectedSpells – Amusing Twitter hashtag imagining the spells that didn’t make it into the new D&D 5th Edition. I think my favorite is Summon Wilford Brimley.

Ordinary Mushrooms in a Magical World – This gorgeous macrophotography is like a glimpse into fairyland.

The Love Crafts – ‘Toon about toys from a sex-positive mythos. NSFW-ish.

Goth Xmas Shirt – As a bonus, I’m pretty sure that’s Krampus in silhouette.

“Portrait of Poe” Cake – Great-looking red velvet cake decorated with a fondant portrait of Edgar Allan Poe. The stencil-type nature of the portrait looks reasonably DIY-able. (Hat tip to hng23)

The In Vitro Meat Cookbook – This exercise in “recipes as design fiction” envisions a future of lab-grown meat.

Coolest Movie Monsters – Screen Junkies had a “showdown” to determine the coolest movie monsters of all time.

Alien Queen Cosplay – Weirdly elegant riff on the xenomorph from Aliens.

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Days of Future Link Dumps

December 5th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Zombie Snowflake – Papercraft pattern for “monstrous” snowflakes. If you cut the hair off it’d be a decent Frankenstein’s Monster, too. Stick one or two of these in amongst a bunch of normal paper snowflakes and see who notices.

Texting the Underworld – Fun book for older kids about a “perpetual scaredy-cat” who has to prevent a fledgling banshee from taking one of his relatives.

Creepmas Trees – Some cool ideas for spookily-decorated Christmas trees. (Hat tip to Fiend4Halloween)

Humans are Terrifying – Great thread discussing how humans could be the scariest monsters in the galaxy.

Hocus Pocus Cowl – Knit cowl pattern with lovely vintage-y Halloween imagery. Could be adapted for hats, bags, and other items.

The Jar – As Pixel Pixie, who linked me to this, put it, “Tim Burton directed Ray Bradbury story on an Alfred Hitchcock show, scored by Danny Elfman. You’re welcome.” It’s like the Goth Singularity.

Go to Hell – Atlas Obscura has a neat roundup of “gateways to Hell” around the globe.

Skull Chair – This soft skull chair has a hinged jaw. It doesn’t look tremendously practical, but it has a very high Awesomeness Quotient. (Hat tip to Fiend4Halloween)

How to Be Goth – Just in case you needed a guide.

The 13 Days of Christmas – A Nightmare Before Christmas take on The 12 Days of Christmas. (Hat tip to Sally)

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Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Link Dump

November 28th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Skull Crochet Pattern – Free pattern by Shara Lambeth. I like her idea of making a bunting.

Baby Flying Fox Has a Bath – Baby bats are so blinkin’ adorable.

How to Make Edible Googly Eyes – Easy method for making loads of icing eyeballs. For all of your edible googly eye needs. (Hat tip to xJane)

Piece by Piece – Medium Large has a series of “poems by monsters.” There’s also Full Moon, Not Just People, and My Many Mouths.

The Tell-Tale Start – First in a series of kids’ books about 12-year-old identical twins Edgar and Allan Poe. There’s also Once Upon a Midnight Eerie and The Pet and the Pendulum

12 of the Worst Things that Have Been Said at a Funeral – A Reddit roundup from the “Confessions of a Funeral Director” blog. (via Cat)

Volante Design – Clothing company which crosses the line between “streetwear” and “cosplay.” I love their Demon Killer coat.

Heavens Above – Company which incorporates cremated remains into fireworks for “a happier way to say goodbye.” (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

BUG – Gorgeous carved wooden wardrobe that resembles a giant beetle.

Childhood Lost – Possibly NSFW. Photo series of kids in elaborate, surreal costumes.

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A Walk Among the Link Dumps

November 21st, 2014 by Cobwebs

At Last! Your Death Acceptance Reading List – A great roundup of “deathy” books from Order of the Good Death. (Hat tip to Bruno)

Temple of R’lyeh Cookie Jar – Stunning hand-made pottery jar.

Medical Gross Out – The Distillations podcast did an episode featuring the “scarier (and squirmier) side of science.”

Artifacts for the Afterlife – Some interesting photos of gravestones embellished with colored glass, seashells, and other oddments. (Hat tip to pdq)

Alternate Universe What Ifs – xkcd’s Randall Munroe has a wonderful ongoing series called What If? in which he answers various off-the-wall questions with science (his book is great, too). His most recent column is What Ifs from an alternate universe, and they sound like a Night Vale episode.

A Graphic Guide to Cemetery Symbolism – Atlas Obscura has a handy chart for deciphering the meanings of graveyard symbols.

Anatomy Ukulele – Ukulele painted with the cutest li’l internal organs you’ll see all day.

Vampire Bat Vase – I adore both this vase and the floral arrangement within. (Black callas, incidentally, are easy to grow.) (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Skulls and Skeletons in Fashion – Large photo dump of skeletal clothing and accessories.

Karen Aida – Ravelry designer offering neat knit sock patterns that look like ants, biohazard symbols, and obscene gestures (although not all at once). I think my favorite is, “Rock Me, Armadillos.” (via Cat)

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Another Doggone Week of Link Dumps: Day 5

November 14th, 2014 by Cobwebs

This concludes the latest Mega-Link-Dump. Regular posting (and once-a-week link dumps) will return on Monday.

Vampira: Dark Goddess of Horror – Biography of Maila Nurmi and the character she created. There’s a brief description of the book at BoingBoing.

Grump Notebooks – Notebooks entitled things like “Daily Disappointments” for the cranky person in your life.

Skull Tie-Dye Shirt – Tutorial for making a great-looking tie-dye skull.

My Little Cephalopod – Series of knitted squid themed like “My Little Pony.” Because why not.

Uncanny Furniture – When lit from a certain angle, this chair with an attractive leaf design throws a monstrous shadow.

Incredibly Rude Coasters – I need a set of these.

Mapsburgh – This artist sells hand-cut maps of real places drawn in the style of Tolkien. He’ll also do custom maps of any place in the world.

Why My Cat is Sad – Marvelous Twitter account detailing the various causes of cat sadness. I think this one is my favorite.

Dracula’s Bride – Gorgeous knitted shawl pattern from Ravelry.

Major to Minor – Chase Holfelder takes songs in a major (“happy-sounding”) key and transposes them to a minor (“sad-sounding”) key; the results are wonderful. As a bonus, here’s a fan-made “cover” of Type O Negative doing Britney Spears. (Hat tip to Bruno)

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