The Art of Darkness

Still Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 2

February 9th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Bonelab – 3D-printed skeleton model kits. The vampire bat and rattlesnake are particularly lovely. (Hat tip to Fiend4Halloween)

M is for Monocle – A “Victorian Alphabet” picture book, with lovely illustrations.

Tattoos for Knitting & Crochet Lovers – The knuckle tats cracked me up.

Turkey Merck – Sculptor who offers disgustingly realistic limited-edition “slow zombie” mugs.

Disneyland Candles – Anthology Candles has released a line of candles with Disneyland-inspired scents, including one themed for the Haunted Mansion.

50 Fresh Flicks – A look at digital art by Christophe Huet. Notable particularly for these two NSFW images of human-arachnid couplings.

How to Make Paper Out of Lint – Tutorial for making attractive handmade paper from dryer lint.

My Jello Americans – Blog devoted entirely to jello shot recipes. It doesn’t look like it’s been updated in a while but there are plenty of spooky suggestions in the archives, like the cappucino skulls in Catacombs and absinthe-flavored Van Gogh ears.

Frankensteinia – Site devoted to all things Frankensteinian.

How to Make Sugar Skulls – A small terrycloth monkey walks you through the process of making sugar skulls.

Mummy – The University of Chicago has an interactive tutorial which explains the ancient Egyptian practice of mummification. Help Anubis use a hook to remove the brain through the nose, place the internal organs in canopic jars, and wrap the body in linen. Fun for the whole family!

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Still Another Week of Link Dumps

February 8th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Will the link dumps never end?!? No. No they won’t.

Haunted Mansion Comic Series – Marvel will release a new comic series based on Disney’s Haunted Mansion in March. Hopefully it won’t carry the stench of the Eddie Murphy movie. (Hat tip to Sharonda)

Hell’s Super – The adventures of Steve, Hell’s superintendent, his assistant Orson Welles (who was damned), and their neverending attempts to fix Hell with duct tape.

19 Creepy Wikipedia Pages – A roundup of Wikipedia entries on odd phenomena and people.

Horror Movies 2016 – A guide to the “best” upcoming horror movies.

Smart Art Box – Subscription service which sends you monthly art projects.

Middle Ages Tech Support – Oh, lawsey; I have lived this.

Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary – Ballet version of the Stoker novel. I’m linking to the IMDB description since it’s available from various streaming services; search whatever yours happens to be. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Human Heart Cake – Recipe and tutorial for an amazing anatomically-accurate human heart cake. Just in time for Valentine’s day.

Artists Bring Imaginary Friends to Life – Communications agency AMV BBDO asked 60 kids to draw their imaginary friends, then gave the drawings to model makers to create real versions.

Thingbats – Etsy seller specializing in little polymer clay sculptures. These sweet little vampires would make great cake toppers.

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Gravity’s Link Dump

February 5th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Fairy Tree – Redditor radamshome built a “fairy tree” in his daughter’s bedroom, and posted photos and build notes. The original reddit discussion thread is here.

Fatally Yours – Collection of vegan chocolates shaped like skulls, coffins, and other spooky things which comes in a ouija-themed box. (Hat tip to Empress Pam)

@WhoresofYore – Twitter account run by a post-doc researcher of historical sex work. There’s an article which discusses it further here.

Chippy Ruxpin – Instructions for hacking a Teddy Ruxpin to make it say any text you type or tweet. The core idea would be fairly awesome as a “demonic teddy bear” Halloween prop. (via Jan)

Blood Bath – Shower Gel that looks like a bag of blood.

/r/DeathPositive – The Order of the Good Death has launched a subreddit “Death Bunker.”

10 Haunting Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction – A roundup of documentaries with creepy, disturbing subject matter. There’s a followup list as well.

The Illegitimacy of Aragorn’s Claim to the Throne – “…while ‘commands a terrifying ghost army’ is a fantastic qualification for fronting a Norwegian black metal band or a community Halloween parade, it’s less than ideal for ruling a vast and diverse country of the living.” (via Bill)

Roger’s Gardens – This landscaping company’s Halloween boutique has some great decorating ideas, like massed creepy photos and (ambitious, but awesome) a suit of armor sprawled in a glass case. (via Shellhawk)

Plots Among the Plots – The author of the OTIS blog lists graveyards featured in various horror movies which he’s visited. This would be a neat road trip idea. (via Spooky Moon)

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The Link Dumps in the Walls

January 29th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Graveyards and cemetery’s [sic] – Fun Pinterest board of unusual gravestones, many with commentary. (If Pinterest nags you to register, use a throwaway account from Bugmenot.)

Southern Gothic – Spotify playlist described as “Roots rock, folk, and americana–with a Gothic soul.” (Hat tip to Bruno)

Kittens Recreate Horror Movies – If you’re easily spooked, allow these soothing kittens to act out scenes from The Shining, Carrie, and other classics.

Raxfox Design – German woodworker who makes gorgeous Burton-esque furniture. (Hat tip to Fiend4Halloween)

We’re Wolves – The splendid vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows will get a sequel, focusing on werewolves.

Nightmerriment – Etsy shop full of original monster sculptures and plush toys, each with their own backstory. (Toasted Marshmallow monsters tend to be extremely fluffy and love doing math problems. They also love belly scratches.)

Ashes to Ashes – A timeline which explores David Bowie’s influence on goth.

@BatLabels – Oddly compelling Twitter feed which catalogues the explanatory labels from the 60s Batman TV series. “Anti-Lethal Fog Batspray” is…strangely specific.

The Killing Jar – Short story which follows a day in the life of the intern to a “public service” serial killer. “The last troubled, hard-drinking detective with unorthodox methods who Tony managed to hook into a daring cat-and-mouse game ended up in rehab for alcohol abuse, thus wasting months of painstaking antagonism.”

Dark Side Leia – A gothy take on Star Wars cosplay.

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The Day of the Link Dump

January 22nd, 2016 by Cobwebs

Moss Love – Terrariums and DIY kits featuring moss.

Black Metal Cats – Twitter feed featuring cat pictures captioned with appropriate metal lyrics.

Tattoos Inspired by Neil Gaiman – There’s some lovely artwork here.

“Always” Necklace – A Snape tribute necklace by EPBOT.

Spiderpodium – Dock for cellphones, iPods, and other electronic devices. Shaped like a spider with poseable legs.

Chocolate Mice – Easy-to-make candies that would look adorable peeking around the edges of a cake.

Modern Murder Weapons – I’m rather taken with the idea of organic, locally-sourced cyanide.

Art Nouveau Bat Pin – Gorgeous enamel brooch. The bat’s body appears to be a large natural pearl.

Metal Kitchen – Metalcore singer Linzey Rae sings a parody heavy metal tutorial for making shepherd’s pie. (via Cat)

aLexLibris – Etsy shop full of lovely handmade journals, like this amazing coffin-shaped one.

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Yet Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 5

January 15th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Regular posting (and once-a-week link dumps) will return on Monday. But you knew that already.

Jack of the Dust – Skull-related sculptures, including some neat “bonsai skulls” planted with artificial foliage.

@AwfulFantasy – A Twitter feed of greatness. “Diala drank a potion of healing. Then, she drank a potion of invisibility. Next, she drank a potion of detect traps. Then, she had to pee.”

The Afflictions – BoingBoing reviews an audiobook which describes various imaginary diseases.

Prehistoric Wreath – Decorative wreath festooned with dinosaurs; the volcano spurting “magma” ribbons is what really makes this. (The photos are toward the end of the post.)

Adopt a Bat – The Australian Bat Clinic is offering the opportunity to sponsor the rehabilitation of a bat.

Renegade Truffles – Limited-edition Vosges chocolates in a black spiked box.

Free Historical Costume Patterns – Large list of free patterns, including medieval, Victorian, and Renaissance. (via Charlyn)

Bowie Beauties – Playlist by @robdelaney, who said, “I made a playlist of some of my favorite Bowie tracks for any #teens who need a starter kit.”

Nightmares: Poems to Trouble Your Sleep – Scans from an old book of creepy poetry for children (the 70s were a weird time). It’s recently been reprinted, along with a sequel.

Dark Fairy Wedding – Some interesting wedding ideas from Offbeat Bride. (via WitchArachne)

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Yet Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 4

January 14th, 2016 by Cobwebs

The Changing Portrait Hall that Never Was – The Long Forgotten blog looks at concept art for several changing portraits in Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

Design a Wig – Splendid interactive site that lets you design and decorate an 18th-century powdered wig.

Instructions – A guide to navigating fairy tales by Neil Gaiman. It’s also been made into a graphic novel.

I tried to make a new mom friend. Here is what happened. – You don’t see the phrase “clothing rodent” used often enough.

Taxiderpy – Site devoted to stupendously bad taxidermy. There’s a related Tumblr tag.

Plague Inc. – Strategy/simulation game in which you try to engineer a deadly pandemic.

BillionGraves – Resource for cemetery and headstone records, including photos of gravestones and GPS data. Volunteers can photograph requested graves and upload the photos, which are often helpful in genealogy research.

How The Addams Family Does BDSM Right – 1) Apparently, Offbeat Bride has a sister site devoted to home and life. 2) This is a pretty good rundown of Gomez and Morticia’s love life. (via Jes)

The Gothic Shoe Company – Purveyors of “handmade winklepickers.”

Star Wars Calaveras – Various Star Wars characters drawn as traditional “Day of the Dead” figures. Little Darth Vader is adorable.

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Yet Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 3

January 13th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Jabberwocky – A dramatic reading by Benedict Cumberbatch. Unfortunately he pronounces “borogoves” with the nonexistent second R so he gets a failing grade. (At least the Muppets got it right.)

Monster Dressup – Cute little web thingie that lets you create a custom monster.

Encase Your Friends in Carbonite – Enormously detailed instructions for creating a life-size “Han Solo in Carbonite” prop. It occurs to me that this general idea might be adapted as a Halloween costume by sticking your head and hands through cutouts in a cardboard frame.

Parasite of the Day – Unusual site devoted to parasites. Come for the squicky pictures, stay for the interesting commentary.

Agnoistrology – Horoscopes for people who don’t believe in horoscopes.

Ikea Dog Bed – Gothy “hack” for turning a chest of drawers into a bed-and-storage area for small dogs or cats.

Feminist Cthulhu – Amusing idea, mediocre execution.

Play With Me – Click on the glowing objects to make the doll do increasingly creepy things.

How I Wear My Corset – EPBOT talks about “everyday corset” wear.

Patronage Prints – The Century Guild art gallery sells limited-edition prints of macabre vintage advertising posters. A few of them are discussed in more detail here.

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Yet Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 2

January 12th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Goth Music for Baby Bats – YouTube playlist of kid-friendly goth-ish music.

3D Printed Trilobites – These trilobites, modeled from fossil data, are just gorgeous. I want earrings.

Dictionnaire Infernal – A whole alphabet of demonic illustrations. The full book is available several places online.

Chris Haas – Artist who creates mixed media “trophies” of impossible-looking creatures. There are more pieces on his Instagram feed.

5 Evil Plants We Should Probably Get Rid Of – An interesting roundup.

My Little Pumpkins – Dollhouse miniature enthusiast B√∂zse decorated a bunch of 1:12-scale pumpkins, including an eensy Cinderella’s coach.

Bran Muir – Artist who specializes in creepy animated images.

Sheldon – This comic explains why we don’t have to worry about ghosts.

Giant Inflatable Tentacles – DIY for making giant tentacles to decorate your house. There a short video too.

RecyclEARS – This isn’t precisely goth, but there’s so much potential inspiration I wanted to share it. This artist decorates Mickey Mouse ear hats with themes ranging from the Haunted Mansion to Doctor Who. EPBOT showcases some additional examples of her work.

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Yet Another Week of Link Dumps

January 11th, 2016 by Cobwebs

It’s been a while since I dropped the internet on your heads. Please to enjoy another week of hand-picked artisanal links.

The Geeky Hooker – Crafter who crochets little amigurumi characters from books and movies and hides them at fan conventions for others to “adopt.”

History Undressed – A site devoted to the more intimate bits of history.

Ten Things I’ve Learned from Shakespeare – The leek is an inherently funny vegetable.

Lisa Wood – Artist who creates wonderful miniature vignettes featuring bugs. The tarantula with the pretty Christmas package is my favorite.

Pornogami – This, weirdly, is not the only book devoted to adult-themed origami. There’s also Very Naughty Origami and Adult Origami.

Batty – There’s an entire subreddit devoted to adorable bat pictures. (via Beth)

Forgotten Boneyard – Art made with real (ethically-sourced) bones. There’s an accompanying Tumblr.

Listen to Simon Pegg’s Personal Goth Playlist – This is a couple of years old, but it just floated into my purview. Pegg did an interview promoting The World’s End and listed some of his favorite goth songs.

Things for Which You Can Find Knitting Patterns – Penis cosies, rat sweaters, and a phone holder that looks like a whale shark are amongst the items in this roundup which suggests some people might have too much time on their hands. (via Alli)

Dracula – This ‘toon by Buttersafe is funnier than it ought to be.

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