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Age of Link Dumps

May 20th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Dear Dracula – Cute children’s book about a little boy who writes to Dracula rather than Santa Claus.

The Deadly Pain Medicine Sold by Skeletons – We need more modern pharmaceutical ad campaigns to feature well-dressed skeletons.

Outer Space Vodka – This vodka’s bottle resembles an alien head and would be perfect for a UFO-themed party.

Cicada Recipes – Some ideas for cooking with insects.

Likely Stories – Trailer for an upcoming four-part TV series featuring stories by Neil Gaiman.

The Beauty of Horror – Adult coloring book for horror fans.

Bat Squeaks While Being Tickled – This video of a juvenile fruit bat squeaking happily as he’s being scritched is ridiculously adorable. (Hat tip to DeVries)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – This ‘toon makes me eager to be a grandparent.

What a Way to Go – A list of unusual causes of death. I’m surprised the list doesn’t include Jim Fixx, but maybe that’s less “unusual” and more “really, really ironic.”

I Hate Fairyland – Series of graphic novels following the adventures of Gert, a forty-year-old woman trapped in a six-year-old’s body who’s been stuck in the magical world of Fairyland for nearly 30 years. NPR reviews it here.

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The Four Link Dumps of the Apocalypse

May 13th, 2016 by Cobwebs

The Horror of Blimps – This story has been knocking around the intartubes for years, but it’s funny every time I run across it.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Bean Skulls – These are sort of adorable.

If These Are the Four Houses of America’s Hogwarts, They Are Completely Insane – I like J.K. Rowling, but goddamn is she tone-deaf where cultural appropriation is concerned.

Hoard of Nightmares – A recent commission in Iguanamouth’s ongoing “dragon hoard” series of awesomeness.

15 Fun Facts about Bunnicula – I was unaware that there’s a new animated series based on the book.

Michele Carragher – The blog of the costumer for Game of Thrones. Gorgeous photos, and even some tutorials for things like creating “dragonscale.”

More Vampires Who… – This Tumblr thread amused me vastly.

Beautiful Madness – EPBOT reviews a book subscription box (like Lootcrate for the literary, I guess) which sounds pretty neat.

A Walking Tour of the Shambles – Travelogue of a fictional area of Chicago, written by Neil Gaiman and Gene Wolfe, and illustrated by Gahan Wilson.

My Little Baphomet – Etsy shop full of felted demons and other adorably evil things.

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All the World’s a Link Dump

May 6th, 2016 by Cobwebs

FraterOrion – Artist who makes all kinds of creepy sculpted items, including these Lovecraftian bottles.

Rat Bag – This cute rat-shaped tote bag has sold, but it looks reasonably DIY-able. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Maor Zabar Hats – Etsy shop full of completely bananas headwear featuring spiders or shaped like carnivorous plants. There’s a “featured shop” article on the Etsy blog.

How to Make a Fairy House – Some cute ideas for making miniature garden dwellings.

10 of the Most Disturbing Folk Songs in History – A little something to add to the playlist.

Eldritch T-Swift – “she wears high heels; all my feet are bare. she’s cheer captain, and i live deep under the bleachers, watching, my mandibles gently clicking” (Hat tip to xJane)

17 Bloody Facts About ‘Friday the 13th’ – A roundup.

BoringSidney – Etsy shop specializing in “Unusual hats and headdresses.” The Vampire Squid Fascinator cracks me up.

16 Real Old-Timey Photographs That Will Give you Nightmares – Some odd vintage photos, courtesy of Cracked.

Gothic Charm School – The Lady of the Manners offers advice on how to be a better black-clad freak.

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I Walked with a Link Dump

April 29th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Twin Peaks Full Cast – I don’t think I can summarize this any better than @AmeliaMangan: “Who’s in the new Twin Peaks? EVERYONE WHO EVER LIVED. I’m not entirely sure I’M not in it somewhere.”

UniversesSwirls – Etsy shop featuring adorable plush fantasy creatures. This water dragon and night sky spider are mighty winsome.

Biomedical Ephemera, or: A Frog For Your Boils – “Featuring illustrations, history, and totally useless trivia from the diverse realms of nature and medicine.”

136 Creepy Wikipedia Articles – Your time-waster for the day.

The Museum of Unnatural Mystery – Quirky site whose stated intention is, “explore the fringe edges of science and at the same time use those subjects to get people interested in the more mundane aspects of scientific work.” (Hat tip to DeVries)

Cricket Flour – Hey, neat; you can buy powdered cricket on Amazon.

Misty Night on the Bayou – “Lego enthusiast” Patrick Massey made a wonderfully creepy swamp cabin.

Tiny Crochet Pumpkin – Pattern and tutorial for an adorable, wee pumpkin.

Plush Stag Beetles – These are cute, but the price tag makes my eye twitch. The design looks simple enough to DIY.

Snake – A lovely poem by D.H. Lawrence. (via perk)

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Go Set a Link Dump

April 22nd, 2016 by Cobwebs

Horror-Themed VCRs – This is such a weird, niche example of retro art, and yet it somehow works. (Hat tip to Fiend4Halloween)

Titanic Sinks in Real Time – A two-hour-and-41-minute video created as part of an upcoming game project. The video is sprinkled with narrative comments which explain what’s going on in the timeline.

Making a Working Ghost Trap – “Working,” in this case, means, “the door opens and stuff,” not “actually traps ghosts.” It’s a great-looking prop, though.

Government Free VJJ – Campaign to knit uteruses and send them to politicians who are trying to limit women’s reproductive rights. Even if you don’t want to mail your Congressman, why would you pass up a free uterus pattern? (via perk)

Bowie Hamster – “The World’s Most Fashionable Hamster” does Bowie.

OCEARCH – A global shark tracker (available on both Apple and Android) which allows you to see real-time data about tagged sharks.

Labyrinth Board Game – A game based on the movie, with surprisingly detailed pieces, has just been announced.

My Stomach Was in My Butt – The Sampler podcast takes a look at “scary, suspenseful stuff.” (Hat tip to Bruno)

8 Horror-Themed Bars – Bloody Disgusting’s roundup sounds like the perfect recipe for a road trip.

Van Essie – “Rogue taxidermist” who incorporates bits of dead things into fantastical, creepy sculptures. This one is especially impressive.

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Love in the Time of Link Dumps

April 15th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Oddity Mall – Clearinghouse of weird stuff available to buy online.

Silence Tally Mark Day – If you’re a Whovian, this would be amusing to do on April 23.

The Strange Case of Mr William T. Horton – Public Domain Review looks at a largely-forgotten artist whose works are reminiscent of Aubrey Beardsley. I adore the one captioned “Giving heed to seducing spirits,” since it mainly just looks like a woman who’s annoyed because an octopus is clinging to her head. (Hat tip to pdq)

Kara’s Rat World – World Rat Day was April 4, so here are some adorable rats to celebrate.

Georgina Ryland – Makeup artist who does detailed eye makeup effects. The li’l ghost at the end of the photoset looks reasonably easy to replicate.

Eldritch Crib – Gorgeously tentacular carved wooden crib.

The Biology of B-Movie Monsters – Giant ants vs. the Cube-Square Law and much more.

Nevertold Casket Company – A Seattle-based shop specializing in unique, spooky antiques and tchotchkes. Sadly, they don’t have an online shop, but you can drool over their photos.

The 10 Most Horrific Methods of Execution Throughout History – A roundup.

Vampire Bunny Plush Tutorial – Who doesn’t need more vampire bunnies in their life?

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A Clockwork Link Dump

April 8th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Costurero Real – Etsy shop specializing in gorgeous costume pieces, including patterned like butterflies and moths. This moth cape is gorgeous.

Trust in Me – Siouxsie and the Banshees’ cover of Kaa’s song from Disney’s The Jungle Book.

The Crusades and Lovecraft’s Monsters – Series of illustrations by Robert Altbauer which mimic the style of Medieval manuscripts but add Cthulhoid monsters.

Lego Exorcist – Lego builder Vitroleum is re-creating scenes from famous horror movies. So far he’s got The Exorcist and Scream. (I think Father Merrin is a 12th Doctor minifig, which makes it especially amusing.)

Chicken Conquistador – “My mom loves chickens and Dia De Los Muertos and I love my mom, so I made this painting for her.”

If the Apocalypse Comes, Play D&D – Geek & Sundry made D&D character sheets for various Buffy characters.

Nursery Needlepoint – Since it comes from a webcomic site I think this was just supposed to be a joke; however, I see no reason why it couldn’t be used as a real embroidery pattern. I like the juxtaposition of the imagery and the text.

10 Strange Attempts To Start Internet Mysteries – The headline makes this sound like these “mysteries” are deliberate attempts to spawn a hoax, but they mainly just seem to be weird internet stuff whose meaning nobody can really figure out.

Mutated Lab Rat – Cute li’l three-eyed plush toy. (Bonus link: There’s also a plush naked mole rat, which makes me inexplicably happy.)

Hard Candy Jewels – Tutorial for making “gems” out of candy. These would be great for decorating a pirate-themed cake.

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Link Dump at Tiffany’s

April 1st, 2016 by Cobwebs

3D Rendered Photo Urn – A Japanese–of course it’s Japanese–company will turn a photo of a deceased person into a 3D topper for their cremation urn. (via Spooky Moon)

The Suicide Note as Literary Genre – Interesting meditation on the literary value of famous suicides’ final notes.

Wishbone – Cute platform pumps decorated with bones. (via Jes)

MAKE’s Guide to Backyard Forts, Treehouses, and Other Fun Playspaces – Series of DIY projects, because everybody needs a backyard fort.

Death and Rebirth in the Animal Kingdom – Lovely, grotesque illustrations depicting animals decomposing as part of the “circle of life.” (Hat tip to xJane)

Decomposing Bodies Power Ethereal Cemetery Lanterns – Interesting concept design for a cemetery featuring lamps powered by decomp gases.

Floofs of D&D – Series of illustrations featuring cats as various Dungeons & Dragons characters.

Baby Cthulhu Print Skirt – Cute print skirt featuring li’l Elder Gods. (via rattus)

The Mysterious Secrets of Uncle Bertie-s Botanarium – Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement has a new, fantastical podcast.

Simone’s Robots – This isn’t goth, but it’s awesome. Simone Giertz is the self-appointed “Queen of Shitty Robots.”

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Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Link Dumps

March 25th, 2016 by Cobwebs

FreshComfy – Thai silk scarves printed with illustrations from books like Alice in Wonderland and Jane Eyre.

Road Kill Toys – Decomposing plush toys. Choose from Splodge the Hedgehog, Smudge the Squirrel and Grill the Armadillo.

Shamrock Skull – Neat DIY T-shirt made using Skull-A-Day’s free stencil.

Awkward Metal Band Photos – Oh, lawsey, lawsey, lawsey.

Cards with Hard-to-Find Messages – Cartoonist Jim Benton shares some helpful greeting cards.

How To…Decorate Your Easter Egg Like It’s 60,000 BC – A look at decorated eggs, some from the Stone Age, with designs that could be adapted for modern Easter eggs.

Ghost Post – Disney has a new Haunted Mansion-themed subscription box.

Weird Al: 5 Songs to Scare the Neighbors – Weird Al Yankovic shares “a sampling of tunes that most people wouldn’t particularly appreciate hearing through their bedroom wall at two o’clock in the morning.”

How to Make Spider Silk Thread – A tutorial. I’m assuming the first step is, “Have a lot of time on your hands.”

Monster Doll Tutorial – Instructions for making cuddly little freeform monsters that would be perfect for kids.

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Another Darn Week of Link Dumps: Day 5

March 18th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Regular posting (and once-a-week link dumps) return on Monday. But you knew that.

Crazy Walls – “Cataloguing the walls that obsessives in movies and TV shows cover in newspaper clippings, photos, string, maps, post-its, etc.” (via Bill)

Alice in Wonderland Shoes – A few of these are a bit cutesy, but I love the tea party heels.

13 Things You Only Know if You Were a Goth in the 80s – An amusing roundup for those of us of a certain age.

Violent Delights – Lovely goth clothing and accessories.

Bats Are Terrifying: Here’s Proof – (Spoiler: Bats aren’t terrifying.)

Tentacle Pot Pies – Easy idea for decorating individual pot pies with tentacles and/or spider legs.

7 Artists Whose Work Will Give You Nightmares – A rather horrifying roundup.

Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio – Instructions for making a “spirit radio” of your own.

The Other Other Gods – Poem about Lovecraftian gods who get less love.

Goth Single Ladies – A mildly amusing video by College Humor.

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