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Christmas of Curiosities

December 13th, 2007 by Cobwebs

Curiosities NecklaceThreadbanger has a great post about stepping back in time with creepy, vintage Christmas gifts.

Want to have an unconventional…whatever holiday you celebrate this season? I’ll help you and so will Ok, let’s say The Decemberists are your favorite band and you can’t wait for Sweeney Todd to be in Theaters. Then you’ll need to have a Christmas of Curiosities! Forget getting ipod’s or Guitar Hero 3 or any technological gadget and think more 1800’s. Break out your suspendered trousers, bowler hats, petticoats, and Edwardian high collared black lace blouses because you’re getting antiquated.

I’m a sucker for “curiosities” of the type mentioned here any time of the year.


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