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Make Your Own Corset

March 3rd, 2008 by Cobwebs

ThreadBanger has a nice tutorial for making a corset, including instructions for creating a pattern customized to your measurements.

Whether you’re going for demure Victorian or sinister sex goddess, a corset can help get you there. Making your own takes a little time, but it’s much cheaper than buying one and gives you the opportunity to use interesting fabric choices.

The corset in this tutorial doesn’t include boning, but it’s easy to add. The Fashionable Past has instructions for a boned corset.

If you’d prefer to work from a commercial pattern, check out Beginner Costuming or Corset Making Supplies for patterns, supplies, and tips.

Corsets fall into the category of “things that look harder than they actually are,” so don’t be daunted. Go get some pretty satin and an eyelet tool and you’ll have your own custom-tailored corset in no time.

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