The Art of Darkness

Something Spooky Just After 3 a.m.

April 21st, 2008 by Cobwebs


If you’re familiar with the iGoogle page, you probably know that you can customize its appearance with several themes.

What you may not know is that every night at 3:14 a.m., some of the themes get a little creepy. On the Beach, Nessie surfaces for 60 seconds, then takes a deep breath and dives back underwater for another day. In Cityscape, UFOs descend and start abducting pedestrians. A monster appears in Spring Scape, and the fox spirits of Japanese folklore appear out of the mist in the Tea House theme. The timestamp is a geek homage to the mathematical concept of Pi–and in fact, the 3:14 Easter Egg in the Sweet Dreams theme is the Greek letter pi made out of stars.

You can see screen shots of a couple other theme Easter eggs here, along with a method for unlocking the other themes at a more decent hour of the day.

(via Museum of Hoaxes)

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